20 Gimp interview questions and answers


Gimp interview questions and answers

1. What is GIMP?
2.What configuration is needed to run GIMP?
3.What is the need of an X server running GIMP?
4.How can we draw a circle with GIMP?
5.Explain about binding keys to menus for shortcuts in GIMP.
6.How to invoke one Script- FU script from another?
7.What is Script- FU in GIMP?
8.What is Net- Fu? Briefly explain about Net- Fu.
9.How to change font in GIMP?
10.Is macro recording possible in GIMP?
11.Explain about work flow of AnimStack in GIMP.
12.How to draw different color in GIMP?
13.When to see layer groups in GIMP?
14.Where to get GIMP?
15.How to Remove a Window Border in GIMP?
16.How to add new plug- ins in GIMP?
17.Does GIMP support digital drawings?
18.Explain about splitting an image in GIMP
19.How to Remove Parts of an Image in GIMP?
20.What is the use of Feather command in GIMP?

1. What does GIMP stand for?
2. What kind of tool GIMP is?
3. GIMP supports which all operating systems?
4. Compare GIMP with Adobe’s Photoshop.
5. List the features & capabilities of GIMP.
6. How many ways there are of selecting a color in GIMP? Name all of them.
7. What are the color spaces supported by the GIMP?
8. What is a Layer in GIMP?
9. What are the layer masks & channels in GIMP?
10. Is it possible to create animations out of GIMP?
11. Mention the list of file formats supported by GIMP.
12. There exist a lot of image manipulation applications that are derived from GIMP. Can you name few of them?
13. What are the extensions used by GIMP for its project files?
14. List the brushes available in GIMP.
15. How can one scale an image in GIMP?
16. What kind of cropping methods are available in gimp?
17. If you want to drop a shadow under a text, how will you do it in gimp?
18. Is it possible to link two layers? How?
19. What all operations can be performed over a layer?
20. Which GIMP tool will you prefer to use if you want to remove background from a portrait photo?
21. How can we align layers relative to each other?
22. Can we make gif animations using GIMP?
23. What is a Pencil Tool?
24. How can one draw fuzzy lines? Which tool would be best suitable for it?
25. What is an Airbrush tool?
26. What drawing options are available in GIMP?
27. Which tool can be used to create gradients of color?
28. What is so special about lasso tool?
29. In GIMP how can you increase size of the canvas?
30. What is a Bezier Curve? For what purposes it can be used?
31. Describe intelligent scissors with respect to GIMP.
32. What does SIOX stand for? How it can be used to extract foreground objects?
33. What is dodging, burning & smudging?
34. What is a clone tool? For what purposes it can be used?
35. What is a heal tool?
36. What do you understand by Perspective Cloning?
37. If you want to enhance specific regions of an image which tool would be best to be used?
38. What is so special about Gaussian Blur?
39. What is the difference between Tools & Plug-ins?
40. What are filters? Give some examples.
41. Compare RGB with CMY color.
42. What is an indexed color?
43. Is it possible to pick colors from the image?
44. How can you make fuzzy borders with GIMP?
45. Name all the layer modes available in GIMP.
46. How is it possible to make 3D letters in GIMP?
47. What so you understand by Single-point & Two-point perspective?
48. How can one add reflections & shades in GIMP?
49. What is a Panorama? How can we make a panorama in GIMP?
50. In which all programming languages one can write a GIMP script?

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How to turn GIMP off and ON

I installed Gimp. Without my desire it has changed many of my pictures to Gimp. It has made quotations I saved so small, they can barely be read. How can I change back everything that automatically made it self Gimp. I really don''t like that
Thank you.

Skip 02-8-2020 07:38 PM


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