Which uplink/ downlink spectrum is allocated to a.) GSM – 900: b.) DCS – 1800?

Which uplink/ downlink spectrum is allocated to following? a.) GSM – 900 b.) DCS – 1800

a.) GSM – 900: Uplink spectrum is 890.2–914.8 and downlink spectrum is 935.2–959.8

b.)DCS – 1800: Uplink spectrum is 1710.2–1784.8, and downlink spectrum is 1805.2–1879.8

Name the algorithms used in following: a.) Ciphering b.) Authentication

a.) Ciphering

- The algorithm 129-EEA3 and 128-EIA3, 3GPP Confidentiality and Integrity Algorithm is used for ciphering in GSM

b.) Authentication

- The algorithm by name A3 is used for authentication in the GSM systems
- This algorithm is used in implementing Subscriber Identity Module.
Explain a.) Equalisation b.) Interleaving c.) Speech coding d.) Channel coding
a.) Equalisation: - An adaptive equalizer is employed by a GSM receiver for overcoming the impact of non-ideal channel characteristics which are caused by multipath propagation....
What is frequency re-use?
Frequency Reuse: Frequency Reuse is one of the techniques for improving capacity and spectral efficiency.......
GSM interfaces
a.) BTS and MS - Base station subsystem is a segment of cellular telephone network that is responsible for setting signals and traffic between mobile phone sets and network switching subsystems.............
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