20 hard disk interview questions and answers


Hard Disk interview questions and answers

1. What do you understand by a hard disk and how are they classified?
2.Explain briefly the structure of a hard drive?
3.Explain how data is read and written on a hard disk?
4.What are the ways in which errors can be handled by hard disks?
5.Briefly explain what do you understand by Formatting in reference to hard disks.
6.What are the various form factors in which the hard disks are available? Give examples.
7.What do you understand by access time. Briefly explain the different types of timings in a hard disk drive?
8.What was the purpose of interleave? - Hard Disks.
9.Describe the power consumption statistics of the hard disks.
10.Briefly mention the different types of disk interfaces used in computers. - Hard Disks.
11.What are the different ways of hard drive failure? - Hard Disks.
12.What do you understand by Landing zones and their technologies? - Hard Disks.
13.Briefly tell us about the different market segments for Hard Disks.
14.What do you understand by SMART? - Hard disk
15.What do you understand by Controller and what are its primary functions? - Hard disk
16.What are the characteristics of SSD's? - Hard disk
17.What are the characteristics of conventional HDD's? - Hard disk
18.What are the applications of Disk Cloning? - Hard disk
20.Mention the steps involved in disk cloning. - Hard disk

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