Sql server - What is full-text indexing?

What is full-text indexing?

- Full text indexes are stored in the file system and are administered through the database.

- Only one full-text index is allowed for one table.

- They are grouped within the same database in full-text catalogs and are created, managed and dropped using wizards or stored procedures.

- It contains up to 1024 columns.

- It is defined at the table level and only one full-text index can be defined per table.
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what is Full text index?
Full text index is a kind of index that built an index of every word in the column you specified and linked back to the PK. Only one such index can possible per table and it is stored out side of the database, and can be manage by wizard or query. if you specify auto-update then only it reorganise after any changes in the column.
kamal 02-18-2014