Sql server - Describe important index characteristics

Describe important index characteristics.

- It allows to think about the significant content of the collection.

- They fasten the searching of a row.

- They are sorted by the Key values.

- They are small and contain only a small number of columns of the table.

- They refer to the appropriate block of the table with a key value.

- It encourages consistency across different archive repositories.

- It provides to specifically identify a concept.

- It has potential within the rapidly emerging Linked Data Environment.
Sql server - What are the types of indexes?
Types of indexes: Clustered: It sorts and stores the data row of the table or view in order based on the index key.........
Sql server - Describe the purpose of indexes
Allow the server to retrieve requested data, in as few I/O operations.......
Sql server - Determine when an index is appropriate
When there is large amount of data. For faster search mechanism indexes are appropriate........
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