What is resource bundles? and usage - Java Localization

What is resource bundles? Explain the usage of Java resource bundles.

A resource bundle is file that has ‘.properties’ extension in Java. It contains the data that is locale specific. Internationalization is utilized by resource bundle in a Java application by making the code independent of locale.

ResourceBundle is used for using with localization. The type of localizable object is of type string. Most resource bundles can persist any Java object. java.util.ResourceBundle.

For creating a concrete class, it must subclass the ResourceBundle class and implement the methods handleGetObjects() and getKeys(). A set of sub classes by name ListResourceBundle and PropertyResourceBundle, allows having concentration on providing the required data for the file which avoids writing code.
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Localizer is the most popular way for localizing a Java application. The localizable information is persisted in “ .properties “ files. The localizer ‘Lingobit’ translates the required files into another language...
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Strings can extract to a Resource Bundle file by using the method getString()...
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