20 lotus notes interview questions and answers


Lotus notes interview questions and answers

1. What is Lotus Notes?
2.What are the features of Lotus Notes?
3.Which server tasks are used for Lotus Notes Web Application?
4.How to call an agent on the web using Lotus Notes?
5.How Lotus Notes is configured? - Lotus Notes
6.What is the difference between Broadcast Domain and Collision Domain? - Lotus Notes
7.What are the new features of Lotus Notes 8.5.3 software?
8.What is Project Atlantic in Lotus Notes?
9.What is IBM Lotus iNotes?
10.What are the three modes of Lotus iNotes?
11.Explain about Lotus Notes Database.
12.What are the Lotus Notes database elements?
13.Explain about Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5
14.Describe the Image White List feature in Lotus Notes.
15.How to create a clickable link in Lotus Notes email? - Lotus Notes.
16.How to set the reading order for paragraphs in a document? - Lotus Notes.
17.How to sort contents in different languages using Lotus Notes?
18.What is Lotus Notes User ID file?
19.What is the procedure to download the Lotus Mobile Installer into an Android mobile device?
20.What are server and device requirements to install Lotus Notes Traveler in Android compatible mobile phones?

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