Responsibilities of a person working in Marcom

What are the various responsibilities of a person working in Marcom?

The various responsibilities of a person working in Marcom are as follows:

- Crafting an effective communication messages to the target audience and implementing the same using different media starting from Internet to newsletter
- Media management and measurement
- Liaison with creative agency
- Designing marketing collaterals
- Sourcing vendors and vendor management
- Managing market research assignments
- Web content and corporate website management
- Training & Development
- Organizing conferences and other product launch events
- Active participation in exhibitions/tradeshows and
- Meeting public relations requirements.
Tools to communicate with your target audience - Marketing communication
The following are the various tools used to communicate with the target audience: Company newsletters, Journal article, Conference..........
What role do events (exhibitions, tradeshows) play in Marcom?
The events play the following role in Marcom: The communication messages are circulated to the mass people irrespective of segments i.e. wide reach ..........
Steps to participate in event like exhibition or tradeshow - Marcom
The following are the steps taken to participate in an event like exhibition or trade show: Identifying the participation of target audience and know-how of the events.........
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