Tools to communicate with your target audience - Marketing communication

What are the various tools you would use to communicate with your target audience?

The following are the various tools used to communicate with the target audience:

- Company newsletters
- Journal article
- Conference
- Trade shows
- Exhibitions
- Product brochure
- Word of mouth
- Direct mail
- Internet
- TV
- Local/regional/national newspaper
- Magazine
- Radio etc.
What role do events (exhibitions, tradeshows) play in Marcom?
The events play the following role in Marcom: The communication messages are circulated to the mass people irrespective of segments i.e. wide reach ..........
Steps to participate in event like exhibition or tradeshow - Marcom
The following are the steps taken to participate in an event like exhibition or trade show: Identifying the participation of target audience and know-how of the events.........
How would you use online media for your Marcom activities?
Using online media for Marcom activities is to ensure the maximum reach of the target audience at lower costs and results in increased consumer engagement...........
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