Marine Engineering interview questions and answers


Marine Engineering interview questions and answers

1. Describe the vibration of machinery which is not apparent.
2. How can you explain that the vibration is transmitted from elastic materials or components to another?
3. What is the C.C. in motorbikes?
4. Explain magnetic amplifier.
5. How square root can be calculated from manometer?
6. Difference between MAN and REVERSING SYSTEM.
7. What is large 2-stroke marine diesel engine turbocharger?
8. How the priming can be implemented in a centrifugal pump?
9. Difference between gate valve and globe valve?
10. Why o-ring, bearings are used in the centrifugal pumps?
11. Difference between Mitsui MAN and Hitachi MAN.
12. Difference between RTA, RND & RD marine diesel engine.
13. How you can distinguish between 2S and 4S engine?
14. How large marine generator supply power to the msb?
15. What is the meaning of code number which is given on bearing?
16. Which country level is below low sea level?
17. What does 7L67GFCA stands for in a marine engine MITSUI?
18. Can a computer flat screen hooked up to a fish finder?
19. What is slip?
20. What is the principal of axial pump?
21. What is high temperature corrosion?
22. What is centre priming?
23. What is specific fuel consumption?
24. How fuel consumption can be calculated?
25. Name different types of ships.
26. Which place causes iron losses?
27. How many ports are there in India?
28. What is meant by the term Relative Density?
29. What is meant by Centre of Buoyancy?
30. Define angular acceleration.
31. Define velocity ratio.
32. What are the major responsibilities of a marine engineer?
33. Name different types of marine diesel engines.
34. Draw the space diagram for a ten meter long beam simply supported at each end. At 4 meters from the left hand end is a load of 25Kn and three meters from the other end. Also draw the shear force and the bending moment diagrams, showing the necessary calculations.
35. Show the sinosoidial effect built in a generator with the help of a diagram. Show all voltages, and currents.
36. What is meant by ‘superheat’?
37. Describe the operation of bi-metallic sensor with the help of a diagram.
38. Give an example each of a shipboard use of an adiabatic process and an isothermal process.
39. What are the disadvantages and advantages of having a small amount of superheat for a refrigerant vapours entering the compressor suction?
40. Find the area of the disc at 62 C whose diameter is 3.4m at zero degrees Celsius. Linear coefficient of expansion is .0000118 per degree C.

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Marine Engineering

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