Antonyms & Synonyms for MAT, CET, CMAT, SNAP & other MBA exams - Set 2

1)   Choose the word most similar in meaning to the given word.


a. Collaborate
b. Substantiate
c. Repudiation
d. Rebuff
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ANSWER: Substantiate

Meaning: The meaning of corroborate is to take an action to make more certain.

To corroborate is to back someone else’s story, to add substance to it (substantiate).

Example: Every lawyer has tried to corroborate this verdict with some piece of evidence.

Synonyms: Authenticate, Confirm, Substantiate, Validates, Verify

Antonyms: Disprove, Invalidate, Contradict, Deny

2)   Delirious

a. Unsettled
b. Delicious
c. Pleasing
d. Desperate
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ANSWER: Unsettled

Meaning: If you are delirious you are uncontrollably excited or a bit crazy.

The meaning of delirious is being in a disturbed and incoherent state or wildly excited.

Example: He is delirious and doesn’t care about surroundings at all.

Synonyms: Insane, Mad, Maniacal, Frantic

Antonyms: Balanced, Reasonable, Sane, Rational

3)   Squander

a. Personage
b. Luminary
c. Waste
d. Intransigent
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Meaning: To squander means to spend or use (money, time etc.) wastefully or extravagantly

Example: If you need to save for college, don’t squander your income on useless stuff.

Synonyms: Extravagant, Expend, Lavish, Misuse, Waste

Antonyms: Hoard, Save, Gather

4)   Solecism

a. Error
b. Corroborate
c. Illusion
d. Praise
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Meaning: 1. Non-standard or ungrammatical usage

2. A term that offends against established usage standards.

Example: If you say something incorrectly, or make a grammatical error in writing, that's also a solecism.

Similarly, burping at dinner table or snoring at opera can be said as solecism.

Synonyms: Blunder, Error, Mistake, False Grammar

Antonyms: Accuracy, Certainty, Truth, Correction

5)   Inadvertent

a. Thoughtful
b. Insane
c. Unintentional
d. Deliberate
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ANSWER: Unintentional

Meaning: When something happens by accident, it's inadvertent, or unintentional.

Example: Most horrific consequences of riots are the inadvertent injuries of innocent bystanders.

Synonyms: Careless, Reckless, Unintentional, Unwitting

Antonyms: Careful, Cautious, Intentional, Advertent

6)   Somber

a. Waggish
b. Simple
c. Serious
d. Mischievous
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ANSWER: Serious

Meaning: Somber is used to describe situations, facial expressions, or moods that are dark, gloomy, or depressing.

Example: The atmosphere is somber in this district.

Funerals are often somber affairs.

Synonyms: Bleak, Dark, Gloomy, Serious, Melancholy

Antonyms: Bright, Cheerful, Excited, Hopeful

7)   Decimate

a. Denounce
b. Destroy
c. Greed
d. Loathe
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ANSWER: Destroy

Meaning: If something is drastically reduced or killed, especially in number, you can say it was decimated

Example: The population was decimated by the chronic disease.

Synonyms: Annihilate, Exterminate, Slaughter

Antonyms: Build, Create, Bear

8)   Preposterous

a. Proper
b. Responsible
c. Haughty
d. Unreasonable
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ANSWER: Unreasonable

Meaning: 1. Completely contrary to nature, reason or common sense

2. Utterly foolish

Example: To a vegetarian, the idea of eating a chicken burger would seem preposterous.

Synonyms: Insane, Absurd, Crazy, Foolish, Irrational

Antonyms: Balanced, Credible, Believable, Logical

9)   Ephemeral

a. Short-Lived
b. Immediate
c. Prodigious
d. Bewildering
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ANSWER: Short-Lived

Meaning: Something that is fleeting or short-lived is ephemeral.

Anything that is short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day in its winged form.

Example: The film is well-directed, and its success will be more than ephemeral.

Synonyms: Fleeting, Short-Lived, Brief, Temporary

Antonyms: Enduring, Lasting, Long-Lived, Permanent

10)   Lissome

a. Straight
b. Sedate
c. Supple
d. Lazy
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ANSWER: Supple

Meaning: Lissome describes people or things that are slender, flexible, light, and graceful.

Example: She was of medium stature, slender and lissome.

Synonyms: Agile, Flexible, Athletic, Limber

Antonyms: Portly, Beefy

11)   Impugn

a. Assail
b. Indirect
c. Distressed
d. Recalcitrant
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ANSWER: Assail

Meaning: To impugn means to call into question or attack as wrong.

Example: No one can impugn the motives or the purity of his intentions.

Synonyms: Assail, Attack, Contravene, Criticize

Antonyms: Agree, Allow, Approve, Corroborate

12)   Fervid

a. Ardent
b. Obstinate
c. Delightful
d. Difficult
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ANSWER: Ardent

Meaning: Fervid can be used to describe something that is physically hot, it is more often used to describe heated emotions like anger, love, or desire.

Example: Example of fervid is boiling water; the water was fervid.

Synonyms: Ardent, Blazing, Passionate, Burning, Heated

Antonyms: Half-hearted, Passionless, Cold

13)   Exigent

a. Urgent
b. Discourse
c. Critique
d. Expedient
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ANSWER: Urgent

Meaning: When you describe something as exigent, you are saying it requires attention: it can't be ignored.

Example: When circumstances become exigent, it's time to act.

You can also use exigent for a person who demands attention, usually by complaining.

Synonyms: Acute, Clamant, Necessary, Critical, Pressing

Antonyms: Easy, Ordinary, Facile, Usual

14)   Ersatz

a. Tumultuous
b. Artificial
c. Unstudied
d. Vague
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ANSWER: Artificial

Meaning: The ersatz version of something is an inferior substitute or imitation.

Serving as a substitute, synthetic, artificial

Example: You might speak in an ersatz French accent, but you cannot fool the officer.

Synonyms: Counterfeit, Fake, Imitation, Phony, Sham

Antonyms: Genuine, Real, True

15)   Turpitude

a. Lethargy
b. Depravity
c. Prestige
d. Antagonistic
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ANSWER: Depravity

Meaning: Turpitude is a word that represents depraved or shameful behaviour.

Example: Prisons are filled with criminals who have engaged in acts of moral turpitude.

Synonyms: Baseness, Criminality, Degradation, Debauchery, Immorality

Antonyms: Decency, Honor, Goodness, Morality

16)   Piquant

a. Gratified
b. Interesting
c. Sluggish
d. Indolent
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Interesting

Meaning: 1. Agreeably pungent or sharp in taste

2. Agreeably stimulating, interesting or attractive

Example: Grandma’s home-made gravy is zesty and piquant.

Someone who's piquant engages you with charm and wit.

Synonyms: Racy, Pungent, Tangy, Interesting, Flavorful

Antonyms: Bland, Clean, Flavorless, Dull, Tasteless

17)   Corpulent

a. Spicy
b. Engrossing
c. Thin
d. Chubby
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Chubby

Meaning: Corpulent is a formal word that describes a fat person.

Large or bulky of body; stout; fat

Example: When describing a fat man, you might refer to him as a "corpulent gentleman."

Synonyms: Fleshy, Obese, Portly, Burly

Antonyms: Skinny, Thin, Underweight, Slender

18)   Vacillate

a. Thankful
b. Adhere
c. Delicate
d. Fluctuate
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Fluctuate

Meaning: Vacillate means to waver back and forth, unable to decide.

To waver in mind or opinion, to oscillate or fluctuate.

Example: It seems like you vacillate between 10 and 20 members at any given time.

Synonyms: Fluctuate, Dither, Waver, Change, Stagger

Antonyms: Remain, Stay, Hold, Persist

19)   Promulgate

a. Sacrifice
b. Generous
c. Demand
d. Promote
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Promote

Meaning: To bring to public notice or make known publicly

To promulgate is to officially put a law into effect.

Example: You should write an article to promulgate the benefits of eating organic food.

Synonyms: Declare, Notify, Promote, Advertise, Enact

Antonyms: Collect, Conceal, Gather, Hide, Refrain

20)   Surreptitious

a. Threaten
b. Broken
c. Secret
d. Reveal
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Secret

Meaning: The meaning of surreptitious is something that is done in secret or that is kept quiet.

When someone behaves in a surreptitious way, they're being secretive.

Example: They were surreptitious about how they organized the surprise party.

Synonyms: Clandestine, Covert, Furtive, Unauthorized, Hidden

Antonyms: Forthright, Open, Honest, Truthful

21)   Aesthetic

a. Mediocre
b. Prevalent
c. Ugly
d. Beautiful
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Beautiful

Meaning: Aesthetic means the pleasant, positive or artful appearance of a person or a thing.

Example: You should now focus on the aesthetic factors of your art collection.

Synonyms: Artistic, Creative, Artful, Gorgeous

Antonyms: Displeasing, Ugly, Unattractive

22)   Abeyance

a. Suspension
b. Persistence
c. Continuation
d. Rigid
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Suspension

Meaning: Abeyance is a temporary stop to something or a pause.

Example: Due to budget cuts, employer contributions to retirement accounts are being put in abeyance.

Synonyms: Discontinuation, Dormancy, Inactivity, intermission

Antonyms: Continuation, Action, Activity, Operation