Antonyms & Synonyms for MAT, CET, CMAT, SNAP & other MBA exams - Set 3

1)   Choose the word most nearly opposite to the given word.


a. Impervious
b. Constant
c. Commonplace
d. Infirm
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ANSWER: Commonplace

Meaning: Venerable is respected or honored, or in the catholic faith it can also mean someone who is considered holy and who may be considered for sainthood.

Example: To be venerable is to be admired and respected because of your status or age.

Synonyms: Esteemed, Revered, Stately, Venerated

Antonyms: Common, Unimpressive

2)   Daunt

a. Calm
b. Believe
c. Inspirit
d. Dispel
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ANSWER: Inspirit

Meaning: To daunt is to lessen the courage or confidence of someone or something.

Example: The raging inferno didn't daunt the firefighters for a moment.

Synonyms: Frighten, Alarm, Baffle, Appall, Deter

Antonyms: Assist, Calm, Comfort, Delight

3)   Paucity

a. Excess
b. Certainty
c. Timidity
d. Beauty
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ANSWER: Excess

Meaning: Paucity is defined as a small number of something.

Example: Jackie recognized the paucity of her husband’s political achievements.

Synonyms: Lack, Scarcity, Dearth, Insufficiency

Antonyms: Abundance, Sufficiency, Enough, Plenty

4)   Confederate

a. Enemy
b. Confuse
c. Wander
d. Cluster
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Meaning: The meaning of confederate is people, groups, or nations that are united.

A confederate is an ally - someone who's on your side.

Example: Cody is a member of the confederated tribes.

Synonyms: Allied, amalgamated, associated, combined

5)   Acquaint

a. Alienate
b. Luxurious
c. Bleach
d. Stall
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ANSWER: Alienate

Meaning: The meaning of acquaint means to introduce to or to make familiar with.

Example: Acquaint thyself with a physician before thou have need of him.

Synonyms: Accustom, apprise, enlighten, familiarize

Antonyms: Delude, conceal, hide, secrete, withhold

6)   Epicurean

a. Ascetic
b. Slovenly
c. Imprecision
d. Providential
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ANSWER: Ascetic

Meaning: Epicure is someone who is fond of luxury and sensuous pleasure, esp. That of eating and drinking.

Example: I have friends who are kind of epicureans.

Synonyms: Gourmet, Libertine, Lush, Gourmandizing

Antonyms: Stuffer, Guzzler, Glutton, Gorger

7)   Anachronism

a. Obsession
b. Vogue
c. Radicalism
d. Pre-emption
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Meaning: The meaning of anachronism is a person or thing that is placed in a time where it does not fit.

Example: He avoids anachronism but does not shrink from suggesting lessons for our own time.

Synonyms: Misplacement, prolepsis, solecism

8)   Abound

a. Rest
b. Discourage
c. Bless
d. Dwindle
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ANSWER: Dwindle

Meaning: Abound means to have many of something or large amount of something.

Example: The room abounded with screaming children.

Synonyms: Flourish, Proliferate, Thrive, Crowd

Antonyms: Decline, Fail, Languish, Lack, Deficient

9)   Prudent

a. Simple
b. Rapid
c. Foolish
d. Verbose
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ANSWER: Foolish

Meaning: Prudent is someone who has good judgment and is careful and practical.

Example: They have a very prudent manager.

Synonyms: Careful, Cautious, Discreet, Economical, Shrewd

Antonyms: Careless, Expensive, Foolish, Hasty, Rash

10)   Expansive

a. Generous
b. Honest
c. Narrow
d. Troublesome
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ANSWER: Narrow

Meaning: The meaning of expansive is taking up or covering a wide area or space, or open and inclusive.

Example: Fluorescent lighting overhead morphed to an expansive blue sky.

Synonyms: Broad, Extensive, Wide-Ranging, Ample

Antonyms: Narrow, Limited, Reserved, Quiet

11)   Ample

a. Complete
b. Insufficient
c. Quiet
d. Supple
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ANSWER: Insufficient

Meaning: Ample means being more than enough without being excessive.

Example: There's ample time to order a burger before the show.

Synonyms: Abundant, Plentiful, Bountiful, Generous

Antonyms: Bare, Minimal, Scant, Spare

12)   Deviant

a. Winding
b. Careful
c. Normal
d. Sad
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ANSWER: Normal

Meaning: The meaning of a deviant is a person whose behaviour is different from those in "normal" society and culture.

Example: At the trial, the extent of his deviant behavior became clear.

Synonyms: Irregular, Queer, Variant, Aberrant

Antonyms: Normal, Regular, Same, Usual

13)   Forsake

a. Craft
b. Embrace
c. Shun
d. Infer
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ANSWER: Embrace

Meaning: The meaning of forsake is to abandon or to give up something.

To forsake another person is to leave them entirely, usually in a moment of need.

Example: Why did you forsake me back then?

Synonyms: Abandon, Disown, Forgo, Relinquish, Renounce

Antonyms: Allow, Approve, Continue, Keep

14)   Tepid

a. Dispassionate
b. Cool
c. Crisp
d. Clever
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Meaning: The meaning of tepid is something that is lukewarm, not hot.

It also is someone or something that indicates very little warmth or enthusiasm.

Example: I'm drinking a cup of tepid water.

Synonyms: Lukewarm, Dull, Mild, Unenthusiastic

Antonyms: Keen, Enthusiastic, Cold

15)   Traduce

a. Deduce
b. Laud
c. Presuppose
d. Converge
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Meaning: Traduce is to say mean and untrue things about a person or thing, or to betray.

To traduce is to badmouth someone or something.

Example: This is the law that traduces one of our most cherished rights.

Synonyms: Defame, Denigrate, Disgrace, Calumniate, Malign

Antonyms: Compliment, Exalt, Flatter, Honor

16)   Bridle

a. Heckle
b. Dissuade
c. Vent
d. Persist
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Meaning: To bridle is the act of restraining power or action or limiting excess.

Bridle is headgear for a horse; includes a headstall and bit and reins to give the rider or driver control.

Example: His common sense is a bridle to his quick temper.

Synonyms : Check, Control, Curb, Deterrent, Halter

Antonyms: Encouragement, Liberation

17)   Proclivity

a. Calm
b. Antipathy
c. Desire
d. Dearth
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ANSWER: Antipathy

Meaning: Proclivity is defined as a tendency to do something, especially something you shouldn’t.

Example: That hardly matches my own political proclivity.

Synonyms: Inclination, Tendency, Penchant, Predilection, Propensity

Antonyms: Antipathy, Disinclination, Dislike, Hate

18)   Gambol

a. Hop
b. Sport
c. Sulk
d. Misplace
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Meaning: Gambol is defined as to jump and skip about playfully.

Example: His team gamboled down the walkway by the fountain.

Synonyms: Cavort, Frolic, Prance, Caper

Antonyms: Sulk, Mope

19)   Lachrymose

a. Quick
b. Loquacious
c. Beaming
d. Plentiful
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ANSWER: Beaming

Meaning: Lachrymose is someone who cries easily or something that causes sadness.

Example: Books and plays and films can all be lachrymose sometimes.

Synonyms: Sad, Tearful, Teary, Weepy

Antonyms: Laughing, Beaming, Cheerful, Giggling

20)   Contrary

a. Urbane
b. Agreeable
c. Unpleasant
d. Despicable
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ANSWER: Agreeable

Meaning: Contrary means opposite of something.

Example: This act of yours is contrary to our code of ethics.

Synonyms: Opposite, Conflicting, Hostile, Antagonistic

Antonyms: Agreeable, Consistent, Conforming, Obliging