Antonyms & Synonyms - Practice Test for IBPS, SBI, RRB, RBI, SSC - Set 2

1)   Choose the word most nearly opposite to the given word.


a. Exhausted
b. Bloom
c. Broke
d. Driving
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Meaning: Wilt means to become limp, to get weak or lose strength.

Example: If you forget to water the plants, they will wilt.

Synonyms: Sag, Fail, Diminish, Fade, Wane

Antonyms: Develop, Enlarge, Grow, Increase, Bloom

2)   Taboo

a. Plain
b. Detract
c. Magnify
d. Sanction
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ANSWER: Sanction

Meaning: Taboo is something prohibited, forbidden or restricted.

Example: That area is taboo, still alive with explosives.

Synonyms: Banned, Outlawed, Unthinkable, Anathema

Antonyms: Allowed, Acceptable, Mentionable

3)   Tyro

a. Heckle
b. Veteran
c. Vent
d. Persist
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ANSWER: Veteran

Meaning: A tyro is a beginner, a recruit, or someone who is just learning something.

Example: If you are the new guy wearing a big badge that says ‘trainee’, you are a tyro.

Synonyms: Beginner, Amateur, Learner, Novice

Antonyms: Expert, Professional, Teacher, Veteran

4)   Sway

a. Observant
b. Servile
c. Calculating
d. Inability
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ANSWER: Inability

Meaning: To sway is to move rhythmically back and forth or to influence someone's behaviour, action or thoughts.

Example: Under the sway of euphoria, she took us all out to dinner in celebration of her new job.

Synonyms: Strong Influence, Clout, Authority, Control

Antonyms: Impotence, Weakness, Inability, Inefficiency

5)   Subvert

a. Alacrity
b. Help
c. Remuneration
d. Acclaim
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Meaning: Subvert is defined as to overthrow, destroy or undermine.

Example: She subverted my desire to participate in the competition.

Synonyms: Rebel, Destroy, Debase, Corrupt, Undermine

Antonyms: Aid, Improve, Purify, Repair

6)   Gumption

a. Seriousness
b. Stupidity
c. Levity
d. Despair
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ANSWER: Stupidity

Meaning: Gumption is determination and courage.

People with gumption are determined and full of courage and common sense.

Example: You have no more gumption than a grasshopper.

Synonyms: Acumen, Cleverness, Savvy, Nerve

Antonyms: Ignorance, Stupidity, Idleness, Inanity

7)   Improvident

a. Cautious
b. Fortunate
c. Careless
d. Intelligent
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ANSWER: Cautious

Meaning: The meaning of improvident is not thinking about the future, not providing for the future especially concerning money.

Example: Weak, self-indulgent, improvident, he had pursued a policy of opportunism to a fatal conclusion.

Synonyms: Careless, Spendthrift, Imprudent, Inconsiderate

Antonyms: Careful, Miserly, Provident, Thrifty

8)   Demur

a. Embrace
b. Crude
c. Boisterous
d. Falter
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ANSWER: Embrace

Meaning: Demur is defined as to object or to delay.

Example: If your mother asks you to clean your room and you refuse, you demur.

Synonyms: Disagree, Hesitate, Vacillate, Waver

Antonyms: Accept, Agree, Aid, Approve

9)   Quiescent

a. Lackadaisical
b. Active
c. Dull
d. Prescient
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ANSWER: Active

Meaning: Quiescent is something or someone dormant or in a period of inactivity.

Someone or something that is slow to move or act.

Example: It has been quiescent since 1566.

Synonyms: Inactive, Asleep, Deactivated, Dormant, Lethargic

Antonyms: Active, Engaged, Busy

10)   Sapient

a. Hunched
b. Strong
c. Dull
d. Simian
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Meaning: Sapient is wise or knowing, acutely insightful.

Example: This book is a source of valuable insights and sapient advice to educators.

Synonyms: Sagacious, Acute, Astute, Canny

Antonyms: Unwise, Unperceptive, Dull, Dumb

11)   Evolve

a. Prompt
b. Repent
c. Block
d. Atone
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Meaning: To evolve is to develop gradually or set free.

Example: Your tastes evolve as you get older.

Synonyms: Develop, Progress, Derive, Expand, Grow

Antonyms: Leave, Lessen, Stop, Diminish

12)   Enthrall

a. Encourage
b. Free
c. Capture
d. Enslave
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Meaning: Enthrall is defined as to enslave someone or to completely take over someone's attention.

Example: The idea of measuring our own genius enthralls us.

Synonyms: Captivate, Enchant, Fascinate, Bewitch

Antonyms: Bore, Disenchant, Incite, Repel, Free

13)   Ensconce

a. Captive
b. Subjugate
c. Castigate
d. Expose
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ANSWER: Expose

Meaning: Ensconce is defined as to become firmly settled in or to settle yourself or someone else in a place of comfort or safety.

Example: If you ensconce yourself somewhere, you settle in for quite a while.

Synonyms: Hide, Situate, Stash, Conceal

Antonyms: Expose, Depart, Uncover, Disorder, Open

14)   Dwindle

a. Opaque
b. Diminish
c. Enhance
d. Somber
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ANSWER: Enhance

Meaning: Dwindle means to become smaller or lose substance.

Example: In the month of October all the stocks dwindled.

Synonyms: Abate, Decay, Decline, Fade, Drop

Antonyms: Ascend, Develop, Enlarge, Enlarge

15)   Congruous

a. Panacea
b. Inconsistent
c. Mediocre
d. Consistence
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ANSWER: Inconsistent

Meaning: Something that is corresponding to what is right, proper, or reasonable; suitable; appropriate.

Example: It worked because it sounded so congruous, so sensible.

Synonyms: Corresponding, Suitable, Congruent, Appropriate

Antonyms: Incongruous, Disagreeing, Unfitting, Unsuitable

16)   Craven

a. Timid
b. Dive
c. Eloquent
d. Dauntless
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ANSWER: Dauntless

Meaning: Craven is someone who is an abject coward, fearful person.

Example: The craven fellow turned and ran away.

Synonyms: Cowardly, Gutless, Dastardly, Unheroic

Antonyms: Brave, Courageous, Doughty, Fearless

17)   Zealot

a. Moderate
b. Bigot
c. Fanatic
d. Chauvinist
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ANSWER: Moderate

Meaning: A zealot is someone who is fanatical about a belief.

Example: Zealots on the both sides of the political issue started fighting.

Synonyms: Enthusiast, Activist, Extremist, Fanatic

Antonyms: Conservative, Moderate

18)   Wane

a. Decrease
b. Decline
c. Deteriorate
d. Rise
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Meaning: Wane is defined as a period of decline in size or intensity.

Example: After eight in the night, the crowd began to wane.

Synonyms: Decrease, Atrophy, Abate, Diminish

Antonyms: Brighten, Develop, Enhance, Enlarge

19)   Taint

a. Proverb
b. Eminent
c. Adept
d. Blank
Answer  Explanation 


Meaning: Taint is something that corrupts or makes something undesirable.

Taint means to affect with something physically injurious, unpleasant, infect, poison etc.

Example: Water supply has been tainted with arsenic.

Synonyms: Blemish, Contamination, Corruption, Defect

Antonyms: Benefit, Advantage, Honor, Perfection

20)   Trite

a. Original
b. Stale
c. Ordinary
d. Protest
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Original

Meaning: Trite is something that is stale or overused or cliché.

Something that is worn out by constant use; no longer having freshness, originality, or novelty.

Example: Even the trite Netflix drama is too popular to be neglected.

Synonyms: Silly, Banal, Corny, Dull

Antonyms: Fresh, New, Original