Aptitude Test for Teachers - Set 1

1)   If the price of a sugar is raised by 25%, then by how much per cent should a person reduce his consumption of sugar, so that his expenditure remains same?

a. 25%
b. 50%
c. 20%
d. 12.5%
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2)   A town has population of 50,000 in 1988. In one year i.e. by 1989 it increased by 25%. Next year i.e. in 1990, it decreased by 30%. The next year in 1991 there was an increase of 40%. What is the population at end of 1991?

a. 60250
b. 62250
c. 66550
d. 61250
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ANSWER: 61250


3)   How to divide 3395 in ratio of 42 : 32 : 23?

a. 1470, 1120 and 805
b. 1550, 1235 and 610
c. 1245, 1150 and 1000
d. 1764, 1022 and 529
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 1470, 1120 and 805

ratio and proportion

4)   A sum becomes Rs. 3000 at the rate of 12% per annum (simple interest). The same sum becomes Rs.  3300 at the rate of 15% per annum (simple interest) in the same duration. Find the sum and the duration.

a. Rs. 2000 and 20 years
b. Rs. 1900 and 8.25 years
c. Rs. 1500 and 7 years
d. Rs. 1800 and 5.5 years
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Rs. 1800 and 5.5 years

simple interest

5)   Find the principal amount invested if the difference between Compound Interest and Simple Interest obtained for 3 years at rate of interest of 25% is Rs. 320?

a. Rs. 1550
b. Rs. 1575.38
c. Rs. 1525.50
d. Rs. 1545.78
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Rs. 1575.38

compound interest

6)   A walks from points Jammu to Delhi and at the same time B starts walking from Delhi to Jammu. After passing each other, they complete their journeys in 361 hours and 289 hours, respectively. Find the ratio of speed of A to that of B?

a. 17:19
b. 289:361
c. 361:289
d. 19:17
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 17:19

speed distance and time

7)   Rohit covers one-fourth of the total distance at 20 km/hr, one-fourth at 10 km/h and rest of his journey at 80 km/h. Find Rohit’s average speed for the whole distance?

a. 22.85 km/hr
b. 25.15 km/hr
c. 50 km/hr
d. 40 km/hr
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 22.85 km/hr

speed distance and time

8)   Rohan's age is five times Ajay’s and seven-eighteenth of Meena’s age. The sum of the ages of all three of them is 132 years. How much younger is Ajay to Meena?

a. 56 years
b. 83 years
c. 27 years
d. Cannot be determined
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 83 years


9)   P and Q can do a work in 12 days. Q and R can do the same work in 16 days, and R and P can do it in 24 days. Find the time in which P, Q and R can finish the work together.

a. 9(3/4) days
b. 10 days
c. 11(1/4) days
d. 10(2/3) days
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 10(2/3) days

work and time

10)   Wages of 44 women for 56 days comes to Rs.29568. How many men are needed for 47days to receive Rs. 16920, if the daily wages of a man being 5 times those of a woman?

a. 9 men
b. 8 men
c. 6 men
d. 5 men
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 6 men

work and wages

11)   P, Q and R get Rs. 10800 for doing a work in 18 days. P and R get Rs. 3760 for doing the same work in 10 days, while Q and R get Rs. 6080 for doing the same work in 20 days. Find the amount received by R per day?

a. Rs. 95
b. Rs. 126
c. Rs. 80
d. Rs. 200
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Rs. 80

work and wages

12)   A pipe can fill a tank in 6 hours. Another pipe can empty the tank in 12 hours. If both pipes are opened simultaneously, the part of tank filled by both pipes in 1 hour is?

a. 1/9 th part
b. 1/6 th part
c. 1/12 th part
d. 1/3 rd part
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 1/12 th part

pipes and cisterns

13)   A tank has three taps P, Q and R. Taps P and Q can fill the tank in 1.5 and 2 hours, respectively. Tap R can empty the completely filled tank in just half hour. Tap P is opened at 8 am, tap Q is opened at 9am and tap R is opened at 10 am. At what exact time will the tank be empty?

a. 12 pm
b. 1.25 pm
c. 12.12 pm
d. 12.28 pm
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 12.12 pm

pipes and cisterns

14)   From P and Q, two trains start moving towards each other at the same time. Their speeds are 120 km/hr and 100 km/hr, respectively. When the two trains meet each other, one train has covered 40 km more than other train. Find the distance between P and Q?

a. 180 kms
b. 260 kms
c. 220 kms
d. 440 kms
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 440 kms

problems on trains buses

15)   What will be the boat's speed in still water and speed of river, if the boat takes 12 hours to row 48 km upstream and 8 hours to row the same distance downstream?

a. Boat = 6 km/hr; River = 4 km/hr
b. Boat = 12 km/hr; River = 6 km/hr
c. Boat = 5 km/hr; River = 1 km/hr
d. Boat = 4 km/hr; River = 3 km/hr
e. Boat = 4 km/hr; River = 3 km/hr
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Boat = 5 km/hr; River = 1 km/hr

boats and streams

16)   3 towns P, Q and R are located at the bank of a stream. Distance of Q from P and R is same. Jeet rows from P to Q and Q to P in total 10 hours. Jeet also requires 4 hours to row from P to R. If the stream flows at a consistent rate what will be the ratio of Jeet’s speed in still water and speed of stream?

a. 6:7
b. 5:3
c. 5:2
d. 7:6
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boats and streams

17)   Knowing that Vijay’s expenditure for first 3 days is Rs. 100, Rs. 125 and Rs. 85, what is his 4th day expenditure as his 4 days average expenditure Rs. 90?

a. Rs. 220
b. Rs. 60
c. Rs. 50
d. Rs. 90
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Rs. 50


18)   3 boxes have some average weight. When one box which weighs 89 kg is replaced by another box, the average weight increases by 5 kg. How much the new box weighs?

a. 109 kg
b. 94 kg
c. 104 kg
d. 84 kg
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 104 kg


19)   2500 children in a school had enough chocolates for 40 days. But some children never came to school and the chocolates lasted for 50 days. How many children never came to school?

a. 700
b. 1000
c. 400
d. 500
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chain rule

20)   A tank has oxygen for 72 patients and can last for 54 hours for them. If patients reduce their oxygen consumption by 10%, then 90 patients can use this oxygen supply for how many hours?

a. 24 hours
b. 48 hours
c. 36 hours
d. 42 hours
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: 48 hours

chain rule