Current Affairs Questions & Answers - July 02, 2016

1)   According to the textile ministry, India’s textiles and apparels exports will touch which mark in FY2016?

a. 50 billion
b. 38 billion
c. 45 billion
d. 40 billion
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ANSWER: 50 billion

Aided by the special package and marketing plans, India’s textiles and apparel exports are expected to touch USD 50 billion mark this fiscal from USD 38 billion in FY2016

  • Union Cabinet approved INR 6000 crore package for the sector aiming to create one crore new jobs in 3 years and attract investments of USD 11 billion while eyeing USD 30 billion in exports
  • Key markets like EU and US are expected to grow and new markets such as Iran, Russia and S. America will also be explored
  • Country is ready to capitalise on falling share of China in textile exports in the global market and the nation’s market share has fallen to 38 percent from 40 percent on account of high wage rate and entry into high tech end products.
  • Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council also released an Ernst and Young report titled “Textile Industry as a Vehicle of Job Creation for Inclusive Growth.”
  • It is also important to finalise FTAs with EU, Australia and Canada in addition to negotiating concessional tariff with China to protect domestic suppliers.
  • Labour intensive home textiles segment suffered on account of tariff disadvantage of 9.6 to 16 percent in markets like EU and Canada

2)   BMW has announced a partnership with which firms to develop self driving cars?

a. Intel
b. IBM
c. Mobileye
d. Both a and c
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ANSWER: Both a and c

German car major BMW announced on July 1st 2016 that it is partnering US computer chip giant Intel and Israeli technology firm Mobileye to develop cars that are self driving

  • The three companies are joining hands to bring solutions for rapid and fully automated driving into series production by 2021
  • Self driving cars are on the card with automated driving technologies to make travel safer and easier
  • Final stage will be driver off or without a human driver inside

3)   Social networking major Facebook has decided to shut its news reading app. What is it called?

a. Paper
b. Read
c. News
d. None of the above
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Social networking major Facebook has decided to close Paper which is a news reading app providing customised news spanning politics, technology, food and more.

  • Users said the app would no longer function from July 29
  • The goal with Paper is to explore immersive, interactive design elements for reading and interacting with content on FB
  • Paper is not among the popular apps according to current estimates

4)   Trivitron Healthcare has picked up a majority stake in which Turkish firm?

a. Bome Sanayi Urunleri Dis. Tic. Ltd. Sti
b. Fome Sanayi Urunleri Dis. Tic. Ltd. Sti
c. Jome Sanayi Urunleri Dis. Tic. Ltd. Sti
d. Nome Sanayi Urunleri Dis. Tic. Ltd. Sti
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Bome Sanayi Urunleri Dis. Tic. Ltd. Sti

Trivitron Healthcare has acquired a majority stake in Turkish healthcare firm Bome Sanayi Urunleri Dis. Tic. Ltd. Sti. The cost of acquisition is 5 million euros. It will now have access to Middle East and African Markets for newborn screening kits.

  • Trivitron acquired 60 percent stake in Bome Sanayi Urunleri Dis. Tic. Ltd. Sti mainly concerned with the production of in-vitro diagnostic devices
  • Bome is one of the first firms in the nation to be involved in production of in vitro diagnostic device

5)   MasterCard has invested an undisclosed amount in which financial technology startup?

a. Groupon
b. Paytm
c. PayPal
d. Razorpay
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Razorpay

MasterCard, one of the largest payment networks in the world has invested an undisclosed sum in financial technology startup Razorpay.

  • India will shape the future of e-commerce through strategic collaboration and innovative technology
  • Razorpay is aiming to complement existing MasterCard solutions that are helping merchants of all sizes and markets to accept online payments and grow the business
  • Razorpay is backed by investors such as Google investor Ram Shriram and Y Combinator

6)   India and the US have clinched a mega arms deal clearing acquisition of which class of aircraft?

a. Poseidon 81 longrange surveillance and anti submarine warfare aircrafts
b. Neptune 81 longrange surveillance and anti submarine warfare aircrafts
c. Juno 81 longrange surveillance and anti submarine warfare aircrafts
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Poseidon 81 longrange surveillance and anti submarine warfare aircrafts

India-US strategic deal in mega arms is set to support India’s largest weapons supplier in recent times.

  • Cabinet Committee on Security/CCS has set up the chaired by PM Narendra Modi has cleared yet another mega arms deal to reassert the status as India’s biggest weapon supplier in recent times
  • The new P-81 aircraft with radars and weapons will join the first eight such aircraft inducted by the Navy in 2013-2015 under the USD 2.1 billion deal
  • Navy is using eight P-81s armed with the deadly Harpoon Block II missile, MK-54 lightweight tornadoes, rockets and depth charge to maintain an intelligent eye over the complete Indian Ocean region
  • With the operating range of 1200 nautical miles, the P-81s provide reach and flexibility to undertaken extensive maritime surveillance and intelligence gathering missions
  • US is hawking its fighter jets - the Super Hornet and the Fighting Falcon

7)   How many species new to science have been discovered in India in 2015?

a. 450
b. 445
c. 460
d. 470
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445 species new to science identified in India in 2015 includes 2626 animal species and 183 plant species. Four species of reptiles, six species of amphibians and 26 species of fishes as well as three species of wild ginger and three of figs were discovered.

  • The most discoveries are in the Eastern Himalayan region accounting for 19 percent of the total discoveries
  • Notable additions to the list of animals include rock gecko, new frog species from the Western Ghats and a new species of fish here as well.
  • Among the plants, a new species of ginger was found in South Garo hills of Meghalaya and a species of mushroom has been collected from North Sikkim at the altitude of 2829m.
  • Scientists at BSI and ZSI discovered species across the country; for the ZSI scientists, another important fact was that 15 percent of the new species are higher vertebrates
  • ZSI director Kailash Chandra said that new discoveries reflect the faunal diversity potential of ecosystems in the nation.
  • India is home to 97,514 species of animals

8)   Indian quarter miler ____________ made the cut for the next month’s Rio Olympics after clocking 51.48 seconds in 400m at the National Inter-State Senior Athletics championships

a. Miriam Sheoran
b. Nirmala Sheoran
c. Nirmala Singh
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Nirmala Sheoran

Indian quarter miler Nirmala Sheoran made the cut for next month’s Rio Olympics after clocking 51.48 seconds in 400m in the National Inter-State Senior Athletics championships

  • Nirmala improved her previous best by a huge margin
  • Nirmala became the 24th track and field athlete to qualify for the Rio Olympics after she surpassed the Olympic qualification mark of 52.20 secs
  • PT Usha trainee Jisna Mathew and TN’s PN Souwndharya took the other medals of the day

9)   Hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic has begun to shrink with scientists finding out that the hole has shrunk by ____ million square miles or 4 million square kilometres since 2000

a. 1.4
b. 1.5
c. 1.6
d. 1.7
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Hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic has started to shrink indicating good news for the environment several decades after the global accord was in place to phase out pollutants.

  • September ozone hole shrunk by 1.5 million square miles or 4 million square kilometres since 2000, this equals the area about the size of India.
  • The ozone hole was first discovered in the 1950s

10)   The highways ministry has launched two schemes for greening 2000 km. Which are these?

a. Adopt a Green Highway
b. Kisan Harit Rajmarg Yojna
c. Kisan Sampark Rajmarg Yojna
d. Both a and b
e. All the above
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ANSWER: Both a and b

Only 10 percent of the Indian highway network has green cover on both the sides. Highways ministry rolled work out for greening 2000 km involving INR 300 crore and two schemes namely Adopt a Green Highway and Kisan Harit Rajmarg Yojna.

  • Under the Adopt a Green Highway initiative, PSUs and NGOs can taken up NH stretches for plantation and maintenance for 5 years as in the US.
  • Under the Kisan Harit Rajmarg Yojna, NHAI will provide technical and financial assistance to farmers for planting trees in portions across the highway stretches.
  • Plantation is estimated to sequester 12 lakh tonnes carbon on an annual basis

11)   SBI has launched three digital initiatives. This includes which of the following?:

a. Mingle
b. Single
c. Jingle
d. Tingle
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ANSWER: Mingle

Country’s largest lender, SBI has launched three digital initiatives and aims to print its branch network once its associated have merged.

  • SBI can debut on social media by launching the platform called Mingle through which FB and Twitter users can transact business.
  • Customers have to register for the service through a simple one time registration process using their account number or ATM Debit card details
  • Another initiative is a tie up with Flipkart through which the bank will extend loans to select customers for purchases above INR 5000
  • SBI has indicated at present, one million customers can avail this loan
  • Another initiative is the SBI Digital Villages which will transform selected villages into safe, healthy and vibrant digital centres
  • A total of 21 villages have been covered under this initiative
  • SBI will bring more than 6000 branches into its fold once the 5 associates merge

12)   Google CEO Sunder Pichai was along 42 US Nationals to be honoured with Great Immigrants: The Pride of America. The other three Americans include which of the following?

a. Bharati Mukherjee
b. Vikram Malhotra
c. Hari Sreenivasaan
d. All of the above
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ANSWER: All of the above

Four Indian Americans including Google CEO Sunder Pichai were along 42 US nationals awarded the “Great Immigrants:The Pride of America” award for their sizeable professional accomplishments.

  • Other three Indian Americans include Hari Sreenivasan, anchor and senior correspondent, PBS NewsHour, Vikram Malhotra Chairman of the Americas McKinsey & Company and Bharati Mukherjee, National Book Critics Circle Award Winning writer
  • For 2016, Carnegie Corporation named 42 honourees representing 30 different countries of origin, a wide range of personal immigration stories and inspiring professional accomplishments

13)   India abstained from the LGBT vote in the UN. How many countries voted for the community?

a. 23
b. 18
c. 47
d. None of the above
Answer  Explanation 


MEA said India abstained from the LGBT vote in the United Nations as the case is subjudice and the SC is yet to pronounce its verdict.

  • Vote was brought in after the Orlando nightclub shooting incident
  • India was one of 6 countries that did not vote on the protection of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people
  • Resolution got the support of the US, EU and Latin American countries
  • It was opposed by China, Russia and several Islamic nations
  • Of the 47 member states in the forum, 23 voted for and 18 against the motion

14)   Which well known Marathi writer who received the Sahitya Academy Award in 1987 passed away  on 1st July 2016?

a. RC Sabnis
b. RC Phadnis
c. RC Dixit
d. RC Dhere
Answer  Explanation 


Eminent Marathi writer RC Dhere known for his exhaustive research in Bhakti tradition of Maharashtra and folk literature. He passed away following prolonged illness at 86.
- Dhere, a recipient of the Sahitya Academy Award in 1987 for his book “Sri Vitthal- A Mahasamanvayak.” (Lord Vitthal-A Leading Mahasamvayak)
- Tracing the roots of Maharashtra’s folk traditions and literature, he write on eminent saints who influenced Maharashtrian ethos
- Other notable works by the same author include:

  • Dakshinecha Lokdev Khandoba
  • History of Nath Sampraday
  • Sri Venkateshawara
- Marathi is 9th in the list of most spoken languages in the world with the fourth highest number of native speakers in India

15)   What theme has the BRICS youth summit in Guwahati followed?

a. Youth as Bridge for India-BRICS exchanges
b. Youth as Bridge for Intra-BRICS exchanges
c. Youth as a Medium for India-BRICS exchanges
d. Youth as a Medium for Intra-BRICS exchanges
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ANSWER: Youth as Bridge for Intra-BRICS exchanges

A Youth Summit for the BRICS nations has started in Guwahati with the theme “Youth as bridge for Intra-BRICS exchanges.” Subjects to be covered include skill development, entrepreneurship, social inclusion, youth volunteerism and you participation in governance.

  • Programme for the summit includes cultural events, site visits, thematic debates and interactive sessions with local youth.
  • Youth Summit will also be an occasion to introduce NE India to BRICS youth.

16)   Which school has won the National Youth Parliament Competition for 2015-2016?

a. Kendriya Vidyalaya, CRPF Amerigog Guwahati
b. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ambala
c. Kendriya Vidyalaya Bhopal
d. Kendriya VIdyalaya Delhi
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Kendriya Vidyalaya, CRPF Amerigog Guwahati

Kendriya Vidaylaya CRPF Amerigog, Guwahati has won the National Youth Parliament Competition for 2015-2016 organised by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.

  • Winners of the competition for KVs who were felicitated include Ambala, Delhi, Jaipur and Maudrai.

17)   Who took over as Director-General, Armed Forces Medical Services on 1st July 2016?

a. LG Manoj Singh
b. LG Manoj Mehta
c. LG Manoj Kumar
d. LG Manoj Kumar Unni
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: LG Manoj Kumar Unni

Lieutenant General Manoj Kumar Unni assumed charge as the Director General Armed Forces Medical Services.

  • He is a graduate from the Armed Forces Medical College AFMC Pune.
  • He was commissioned in the Army Medical Corps on February 27, 1977
  • He also trained as a paratrooper and served with the Special Forces as a medical officer.
  • He was also Major General Medical Northern Command.
  • He has received two Presidential awards namely VSM and AVSM
  • He was appointed Honorary Surgeon to the Indian President on July 1, 2015

18)   Who took over as DG Medical Services (Army) on July 1, 2016?

a. Lt Gen Velu Nair
b. Lt Gen Manoj Kumar Unni
c. Lt Gen Manoj Nair
d. Lt Gen Manoj Unni
Answer  Explanation 

ANSWER: Lt Gen Velu Nair

Lt General Velu Nair has been appointed as DG Medical Services (Army) on July 1, 2016.

  • General officer is alumnus of Armed Forces Medical College and was commissioned into the Army Medical Corps in March 1978
  • A haematologist of global repute, he is a recognised teacher and examiner at PhD level
  • He has been appointed Professor & HoD, Department of Internal Medicine Armed Forces Medical College Pune and Army Hospital (Research & Referral)
  • He has the unique distinction of key appointment as Senior Consultant (Medicine) DGAFMS and Deputy Chief Integrated Defence Staff, Med

19)   Tejas is a ___ generation fighter aircraft developed in the country after technology gap of two decades of HF Marut by DRDO.

a. 2nd
b. 3rd
c. 4th
d. 5th
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Tejas is a 4th generation fighter aircraft indigenously developed in a nation after technology gap of two decades of HF Marut by DRDO.

  • It was developed by LCA Tejas team at ADA, an autonomous DRDO society.
  • LCA attained close to 3200 flights, testifying to the reliability of the aircraft and its smooth race towards achieving FOC following attainment of IOC in December 2013
  • Action for induction of Tejas into IAF had been initiated
  • IAF has placed an order in 2006 for 20 Tejas aircraft in IOC configuration and another 20 aircraft in FOC configuration in 2010