Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Sep 25, 2016

1)   Which are the known sources of X-ray emission?

a. Solar Wind
b. Local Hot Bubble
c. Both of the above
d. Neither of the above
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ANSWER: Both of the above

NASA funded sounding rocket has been used to study the origins of X-rays in the universe. It has also helped scientists to reveal a new mystery- the origins of an entire group of X-rays that don’t come from a source that is known.

  • Some of this invisible light that fills space takes the form of X-rays, the source of which has been widely contended over the past few decades
  • DXL or Diffuse X-ray Emission from the Local Galaxy sounding rocket was launched from White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico in 2012 to study the source of certain X-rays observed near the earth
  • In a recent study, DXL’s data confirms ideas about where the X-rays come from, strengthening the understanding of the early history of the solar neighbourhood.
  • The two known sources of X-ray emission are the solar wind and the Local Hot Bubble.
  • The latter is a theorised area of hot interstellar material surrounding the solar system.
  • X-ray contribution from the solar wind change exchange is about 40 percent in the galactic plan and even less elsewhere
  • Rest of the X-rays from the Local Hot Bubble have now been traced.
  • DXL however measured high-energy X-rays could not possibly have come from solar wind or Local Hot Bubble
  • At higher energies, the sources contribute less than a quarter of the X-ray emission so there’s an unknown source of X-rays in this energy range
  • Scientists haves said that around 10 million years ago, the supernova exploded and ionised the gas of the Local Hot Bubble
  • One supernova is not enough to create such a massive cavity and each temperatures so high, so it was probably two or three supernovae
  • Identifying the X-ray contribution of the Local Hot Bubble creates a deeper understanding of the structure surrounding the solar system
  • This helps to build better models of the interstellar material in the solar neighbourhood

2)   Who has been re-elected head of Britain’s Labour Party on 24th Sept, 2016?

a. Jeremy Corbyn
b. Tom Watson
c. Iain McNicol
d. Hillary Ben
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ANSWER: Jeremy Corbyn

Well known socialist Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected the head of the British Labour Party, defeating a challenge to his year old leadership of a divided opposition party

  • Corbyn won almost 62 percent of the greater than 500,000 votes cast by supporters and Labour members
  • Corbyn was elected last year to lead Labour which governed between 1997 and 2010 but lost two successive general elections
  • Corbyn won among the full members, the registered supporters and the union affiliates.
  • His 61.8 percent share of the votes or 313, 209 votes was massive improvement on the tally of the previous year
  • Ciritics are saying that this is an indication of the amount of weakening of the Parliamentary Labour Party that the only fight left left is the election of the shadow cabinet my MPs.
  • Labour leader Corbyn has said that the party will decide shadow cabinet elections in time, but there should be a role of membership in choosing the shadow team too
  • Challenger Owen Smith and former shadow foreign secretary Hillary Ben called for the party to come together

3)   Which company is opening China’s Disneyland in Sept 2016 worth USD 5.1 billion?

a. Dalian Wanda
b. Baidu
c. Xiaomi
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Dalian Wanda

Dalian Wanda Group, a Chinese entertainment giant owned by country’s richest man Wang Jiankin opened a first phase of the 34 billion yuan tourism park in the eastern city of Hefei.

  • Wanda is building similar projects creating as many as 20 such complexes in China
  • The first phase includes a shopping mall, a theme park and hotels while the second phase will be an indoor recreation project
  • Wanda intends to extend the park into the third stage in planning phase
  • Walt Disney recently opened a USD 5.5 billion resort in Shanghai in June 2016
  • China’s slowing economy has taken a toll on certain aspects of consumer spending. Outbound tourism numbers which rose to 16 percent are flat in 2016 according to the China National Tourism Administration
  • Wanda also announced a partnership with Sony Pictures in which Wanda will market Sony’s films and co-finance some upcoming movie releases of the film unit in China
  • In January, Wanda acquired a controlling stake in US Film studio Legendary
  • Swiss sports marketing firm Infront Sports & Media AG and World Triathlon Corp were also acquired by it
  • World Triathlon Corp is the owner of the Ironman franchise
  • Hefei Wanda City will hold the first Ironman triathlon in China in October 2016

4)   A Niti Aayog masterplan has selected how many islands in India as tourism growth zones?

a. 5
b. 6
c. 7
d. 9
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Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands have been identified as tourism growth zones as part of a Niti Aayog masterplan.

  • Nine islands have been selected as the part of the masterplan
  • The islands are being seen as drivers of tourism and sustainable economic growth on the lines of countries like Singapore
  • Water parks and natural resource will be used to promote tourist initiatives, overcoming limited land areas while being mindful of conservation
  • Ecological sensitivity of the islands will also be taken into account while improving options for tourists
  • Options in Lakshadweep which sees high end tourism are limited compared to A&N islands
  • Andaman and Nicobar islands identified as part of the masterplan were Smith Island, Avis Island and Long Island
  • Slotted for development in Lakshadweep are Bangaram, Thinnakara, Suheli, Cheriyam and Minicoy
  • Tourist facilities in Lakshadweep are currently limited to Bangaram and a few other islands
  • Inclusion of Little Andaman, the biggest island in the chain with area of 734.34 square km was discussed in detail
  • It is roughly the size of Singapore
  • Singapore has earmarked 10 percent of its area for parks/natural resources and ranks fourth globally in the environment performance index
  • 90 percent of Andaman and Nicobar islands are notified as reserved or deemed forest; only 6 percent of the land is available for development.
  • Plan gained momentum after the islands were selected for tourism, agriculture and infrastructure as well as renewable energy development

5)   Which award is widely referred to as the Alternative Nobel Prize?

a. Ramon Magsaysay Award
b. Right Livelihood Award
c. Sakahrov Prize
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Right Livelihood Award

The 2016 Right Livelihood Award is widely called the Alternative Nobel Prize. It was announced on 22nd Sept 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award this year include:

i. Syria Civil Defence/ The White Helmets
ii. Egypt’s Mozn Hassan and Nazra for Feminist Studies
iii. Russia’s Svetlana Gannushkina
iv. Turkish daily Cumhuriyet

  • The laureates will share the USD 350,000 dollar prize
  • The White Helmets for Syria were awarded for their bravery, compassion and humanitarianism in rescuing citizens in Syria from the civil war there
  • This marks the first time a Right Livelihood Award was worn by Syrians
  • Mozn Hassan and Nazra for Feminist Studies from Egypt won the award for studying and asserting equality/rights of women in circumstances where they are subjected to violence, discrimination and abuse
  • Russia’s Svetlana Gannushkina was awarded for her decades long commitment to promoting human rights and justice for refugees and forced migrants as well as tolerance among different ethnic groups
  • Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet was awarded for their fearless investigations and commitment to freedom of expression in the light of censorship and threats
  • All winners of the year therefore upheld the fundamental human rights and values despite war and oppression.
  • The Right Livelihood Award is a global honour for those offering practical and exemplary answers to challenges faced by the world
  • The prize was established in 1980
  • It was set up by German-Swedish philanthropist Jakob von Uexkull and is presented in early December
  • It was set up after the Nobel Foundation refused to create awards honouring efforts in environment and international development issues

6)   Which edition of INDRA (Indo Russia Joint Military Exercise) was held in Vladivostok in Russia?

a. 8th edition
b. 9th edition
c. 10th edition
d. 11th edition
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ANSWER: 8th edition

Eighth edition of Indo-Russian Joint Military exercise INDRA 2016 was held in Russia’s Ussiriysk district in Vladivostok.

  • This comes in the wake of speculation that Russia and PoK were conducting joint exercises, a charge which the former Soviet nation has denied
  • The main focus of INDRA 2016 is on counter terrorism ops in semi mountainous and jungle terrain under the UN Mandate
  • For attaining interoperability in joint operations, troops from both sides acquainted themselves, through a comprehensive training program, with each other’s military moves
  • Indian army was represented by the Kumaon Regiment led by Brigadier Sukrit Chadah and the Russian side is represented by soldiers from the 59th Motorised Infantry Brigade
  • This is one of the key bilateral defence cooperation initiatives between Russia and India
  • It has been held since 2003
  • Indian contingent is scheduled to return to India following the termination of the exercise in October 2016

7)   Asia’s oldest mountain biking/MTB race kicked off on Sept 24, 2016 from which state?

a. Jammu and Kashmir
b. Uttarakhand
c. Himachal Pradesh
d. Sikkim
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ANSWER: Himachal Pradesh

The 12th edition of the Asia’s oldest and world’s 3rd toughest mountain biking race kicked off on 24th Sept 2016 from historic Ridge Maidan in Shimla, capital city of Himachal Pradesh

  • Close to 67 participants from 14 countries including 11 SSB men took part in the race which concluded on October 3, 2106 in Dharamshala, district HQ of Kangra.
  • A total of 650 kilometres will be covered by participants during the journey and this year’s new route is even more challenging in terms of terrain
  • There were equal uphill and downhill segments in the race
  • Looped circuits of approximately 60-70 km each day of the race is covered by riders.
  • Bikers will also meet 10,000 school children on the way studying in different schools and create environmental awareness as well as cycling habits in them.

8)   What is the focus area of the BRICS Young Scientists Conclave?

a. Computational Intelligence
b. Energy Solutions
c. Affordable Healthcare
d. Only a and b
e. All the above
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ANSWER: All the above

Department of Science and Technology, GoI, under the BRICS framework is hosting a 5 day event where a group of 50 scientists and researchers from BRICS nations will meet in Bengaluru from 26-30th Sept 2016.

  • It will be organised and coordinated by National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru
  • Meet would provide a platform for engaging, connecting and networking among young scientists for a solution driven approach
  • Participants will be drawn from science, engineering and allied disciplines
  • Focus of the conclave will be on three topics or themes: Computational Intelligence, Energy Solutions and Affordable Healthcare
  • BRICS young Scientists conclave takes centerstage during India’s chairmanship of BRICS in 2016 under the focal theme of “Building Responsive, Inclusive and Collective Solutions
  • Event will be organised under the BRICS Young Scientist Forum
  • It was initiated at the 2nd BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation Ministerial Meeting at Brasilia in March 2015
  • Respective science and technology & innovation ministries of BRICS countries are the leading coordinating organisations for the firm on co-investment and co-ownership basis
  • Conclave aims at building a BRICS Innovation Corps which individually or collectively has specialised capability to work on scientific innovations and technological solutions to accelerate change through better quality of life and higher incomes for citizens of the region
  • This will pave the way for the creation of strong generation of science and technology leadership that can accelerate change collectively.

    Some of the topics to be covered by the Conclave include:

  • Interdisciplinary Science for Society and Humanity,
  • A Scientific Identity for BRICS,
  • Traditional Science and Indigenous Knowledge and Science,
  • Technology and Social Equity,
  • A session on ‘Talent Hunt’ is also being organised under which about 15 ideas shall be presented on 3 identified themes of the Conclave.

    Two reports will be released during the Conclave, namely

  • “BRICS Science and Technology Enterprise Partnership”
  • The second report titled “Hampi: Splendours of a World Heritage Site”

9)   The first Jesse Owen Olympic Spirit Award will honour which boxing legend?

a. Muhammad Ali
b. Cassius Clay
c. Mike Tyson
d. Both a and b
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ANSWER: Both a and b

The first Jesse Owens Olympic Spirit Award will recognise the late legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.
Owens award was started in 2016

  • It marks the 80th anniversary of Jesse Owen’s 4 gold medal performance at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin
  • It is going to honour people who have served as an inspiration
  • Granddaughter of the famous athlete Jesse Owens, Margaret Dotch will present the award at the next week’s Best of the Games award ceremony to Ali’s wife Lonnie
  • Ali won the gold medal at the Rome 1960 Olympics
  • He also took 3 world heavyweight championships in 1964, 1974 and 1978
  • James Cleveland Jesse Owens was an American track and field athlete who crushed Hilterian myth of Aryan supremacy
  • He was the most successful athlete at the games
  • He set three world records and tied another in less than an hour at 1935 Big Ten Track meet in Ann Arbour Michigan, called the “greatest 45 minutes ever in sports”
  • His record has never been equalled
  • At the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, he won 4 gold medals including 100 and 200m long jump