Whales - GS questions based on daily current affairs

1)   Whales breathe through

a. Blowhole on their back
b. Gills
c. Skin and fins
d. Both a and b
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ANSWER: Blowhole on their back

Whales breathe through a 'blow hole' situated on their back, they do not breathe through gills. Opening their mouths (like most dying fish do) really does not help a whale breathe. Only pouring sea water continuously on them when on land can help them stay alive.

2)   Cetaceans order includes which of the following?

1) Whales
2) Fishes
3) Crabs
4) Dolphins

a. All of the above
b. 2 and 3
c. 1, 2 and 4
d. 1 and 4
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ANSWER: 1 and 4

The Cetacea are one of the most distinctive and highly specialized orders of mammals. They include whales, dolphins, belugas and porpoises. A group of cetaceans, known as a pod, usually consists of 10 to 50 animals, but on certain occasions, such as mass occurrence of food or mating season, may also include more than a thousand individuals in the groups. Also, interspecies socialization may occur.