Mechatronics Engineering interview questions and answers


Mechatronics Engineering interview questions and answers

1. Explain the importance of mechatronics in daily life.
2. What is the Expansion of SCADA, DCS & HMI?
3. What is the Difference Between SCADA and BMS?
4. Why resistance has colour code?
5. What is principal work of “O ring”?
6. What is the u value?
7. What is the meaning of certification cost?
8. State differences between PLC and logic cards.
9. Explain encoder definition.
10. Differentiate between pressure vessel and column.
11. What is power supply transformer?
12. What is the design of mechatronics system used in washing machines?
13. List some dynamic and static characteristics of the system.
14. Name some flow measuring devices.
15. What are pressure transducers?
16. Which pressure transducers are used for pressure measurement?
17. How can you measure liquid level with electronic method?
18. What are strain gauges?
19. How temperature compensation is achieved in strain gauges?
20. What are thermocouples?
21. Explain theory of thermocouples.
22. What are optical encoders?
23. Provide some examples of optical encoders.
24. What is mathematical modelling of systems?
25. Differentiate between open loop and close loop control.
26. What is transfer function?
27. Differentiate between feedback and feedforward control systems.
28. What are electronic control systems?
29. How java can be useful in mechatronics?
30. How failure of knuckle pin occurs?
31. What are different types of column based on loading?

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nice questions

best questions

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Where are the answers to the questions??

UKUMA 03-24-2015 06:23 PM


where are the answers of these questions

wajo 10-27-2014 06:02 AM


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