Metallurgy interview questions and answers


Metallurgy interview questions and answers

1. Explain Super Alloys. What makes them useful for land-based turbines?
2. What is D2? What is it used for?
3. What is the composition of following?
a.) Cast Grade Iron 35
b.) Grey cast iron - Grade 20
c.) D2
4. Explain Vacuum Induction Melting.
5. What is Iron Ferite? Where is it used?
6. Differentiate between stainless steel and alloy steel?
7. Which metal is the best conductor of heat?
8. What are Ceramics?
9. Explain a silver and deming drill brit.
10. You are required to calculate a heat affected zone in weld. How would you do that?
11. Explain metallurgical microscopes.
12. Throw some light on hardening abilities of metals.
13. Are all metals heavy? Explain
14. How would you find out the type of stailess steel that has been used to make your dish?
15. Which liquid would oyu use to dissolve Gold?
16. What are the characteristics of the thermodynamic stage of a metal?
17. What are allotropes? What are the allotropes of Iron and Carbon?
18. What happens when the mercury of a thermometer spills over the Gold ring?
19. Where is mangenese steel used?
20. What is carbide?


1. State some precautions to be taken in case of powder metallurgy.
2. What does allotropic mean?
3. How does iron and steel exhibit allotropy?
4. Explain the concept of casting and forging.
5. Explain dislocation theory.
6. Describe strain aging based on dislocation theory.
7. Differentiate between ferrite percentage and ferrite number.
8. What is the major difference between quenching and annealing?
9. Which type of furnace is required in solution annealing?
10. Why steel is preferred for construction of aircraft?
11. What is a silver in deming drill bit?
12. What is heat treatment?
13. What kind of shell systems are used for investment casting?
14. Why same casting has different hardness and machine-ability properties?
15. Explain stress corrosion cracking?
16. What is residual stress?
17. How can Residual stresses in super-alloy components can be minimised?
18. What is thermodynamic state of metal?
19. Which metals do not react with lithium Bromide ad why?
20. What is duplex and super duplex steel?
21. Which type of welding is used for welding of duplex and super duplex steel?
22. Differentiate between 304 and 316 grades of steel.
23. Why duplex or super duplex stainless steels are welded with low heat input type electrode?
24. What is vacuum induction melting?
25. What is the chemical composition of ceramics?
26. What is the atomic density of ceramics?
27. What are the properties of manganese steel?
28. Explain some properties of manganese steel.
29. Which liquid can dissolve gold?
30. What happens when hot liquid falls on water and why?
31. What is power metallurgy?
32. What are carbides?
33. Why post-heating is done in alloy steel welding?
34. What is the melting point of brass?
35. Explain heat treatment of brass.
36. What is recrystallization?
37. What are the effects of recrystallization of metals on alloying?
38. Explain any method through which molds can shine after casting.
39. What is gold investment casting?
40. How much gold is in a troy ounce?
41. How gold can be separated from mercury?
42. Which plaster is used in gold investment casting?
43. What is impact energy?
44. Does the extrusion process for A355 and A356 alloy have any impact on the impact energy?
45. What is the hottest part of flame in fire?
46. What are metallurgical microscopes?
47. Explain wear resistance of titanium.
48. Where is iron ferrite found?
49. Explain:
a.) Proeutectoid ferrite
b.) Cementite
50. What is SPCC material?

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