Advanced features of MOSS 2007

Explain the advanced features of MOSS 2007

Advanced features of MOSS 2007:

1. My site personal site : Provides users an opportunity to aggregate information into “for me, by me, about me”.
2. User profiles and profile store : Enables every user to store profile information.
3. Audience targeting : Allows use of Webpart based pages, Web parts, and content to target distribution lists and groups.
4. Infopath forms services : Enable designing web based forms and distribute them on intranets, internet. User can use the forms in a browser, or even mobile devices supporting browsers without any client components.
5. Business data catalog : Allows for integration of external data into MOSS. This provides the users with a consistent GUI experience. Enhanced workflow engine.
6. Provides BI and reporting capabilities.
7. Provides records management capabilities.
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