How can I make my site public?

How can I make my site public? By default, all sites are created private.

To make a sharepoint website public, enable anonymous access for the entire site. One can then pass on the url for the website through emails etc and allow public users to access the sharepoint website.

Steps to make a sharepoint website public:

1. Login as an administrator
2. Click on site settings
3. Click on Go to Site Administration
4. Click on Manage anonymous access
5. Choose one of the three conditions on what Anonymous users can access:
    Entire Web site
    Lists and libraries

To make My Site public turn on anonymous access. Steps to do so:

1. Click Site Settings, On your Products site.
2. Under Administration, click Go to Site Administration.
3. On the Site Administration page, under Users and Permissions, click Manage anonymous access.
4. In the Anonymous Access section, click Entire Web site or Lists and libraries.
5. To turn off anonymous access, in the Anonymous Access section, click Nothing.
6. Click OK.
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