Six Pillars of MOSS 2007

Explain the Six Pillars of MOSS 2007

Six pillars of MOSS2007:

1. Collaboration : SharePoint allows for collaboration by integrating workspaces, tasks, forums, surveys, blogs, RSS feeds and Wikis.

2. Portal : SharePoint is a portal framework built using multiple portlets known as web parts. It offers Master pages which can be used for maintaining consistency across the portal. The portal offers a single sign on access or information along with various search capabilities. The portal also has seamless integration with Visual studio, which can be used to build custom web parts to be used in SharePoint portal.

3. Enterprise search : MOSS includes ACL-aware search across both local and remote data stores with features that enable specialized search for people and expertise. It offers Business data store integration which helps in indexing the databases for searches.

4. Web & Enterprise Content Management : MOSS offers document management capabilities including versioning capabilities, check in/out, document locking, rich metadata, workflows, policies, role-based access controls on different levels i.e. library, folder, document levels.

5. Forms driven Business Process : MOSS offers XML based InfoPath forms which are available on a variety of platforms including mobile devices.

6. Business Intelligence : Websites in MOSS offers a rich dashboard on macro level. The B.I. capabilities offered include server-based Excel Services and Excel Web Services API's, line of business application and data repository integration, and more sophisticated abilities to monitor key performance indicators.
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