What is SharePoint Workflow?

What is SharePoint Workflow? Explain its purposes

Workflows are implementation of business processes allowing people to collaborate on documents through various project tasks assigned to individuals. They enhance productivity and organization of work in an organization. This enables people to only concentrate on tasks given to them. It’s basically a planned series of tasks assigned to individuals to achieve an outcome.

Workflows included in MOSS:

1. Approval
2. Collect Feedback
3. Collect signatures
4. Disposition approval
5. Three-state
6. Group approval
7. Translation management
8. Overall MOSS workflows target at higher productivity keeping collaboration and business processes in mind
How to implement workflow in SharePoint
How to implement workflow in SharePoint - Steps to implement workflows in MOSS: Add workflow to a document library, routing document to different people for approval......
What are the ways to initiate the workflow?
What are the ways to initiate the workflow? - Ways to initiate a workflow: Once a workflow has been linked to a document, one can start the workflow by selecting the workflow that you want from the list of workflows available for the document or item.......
Types of workflow supported, i.e. Sequential, State Machine
Types of workflow supported: Sequential: Sequential workflow as the name suggests simply depicts the fact that there is a collection of tasks which need be completed in a sequence one by one.......
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