Explain how Tracert works - Networking

Explain how Tracert works.

- Tracert is a route tracing utility that display a list of near-side router interfaces of the routers along the path between a source host and a destination.

- It uses the IP TTL field in ICMP Echo Requests and ICMP Time Exceeded messages to determine the path from a source to a destination through an IP internetwork.

- Some of the routers silently drop packets with expired TTLs.

- These routers do not appear in the Tracert display.

Working of tracert:

- An ICMP echo packet to the named host is sent by Tracert. It sends packet with a TTL of 1, then TTL of 2 and so on.

- Routers send back the message "TTL expired in transit" , after sending the packets by Tracert, until the destination host computer system is reached.

- Later, it responds with the standard ICMP "echo reply" packet.
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