Oracle d2k interview questions and answers


Oracle D2K interview questions and answers

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What are the system variables can be set by users? Explain them

What are object group?
What are referenced objects? Explain the importance of referencing.
Explain the purpose of FORMS_DDL.
What is SECURE property?
What are property classes?
What is path setting for DLL?
How is mapping of name of DLL and function done?
What are record groups ? Explain the types of record group.
How many types of canvases are there. Explain them
How can you pass values to-and-fro from foreign function?
What is IAPXTB structure? Explain its importance
What are savepoint mode and cursor mode properties ?
What is transactional trigger property?
What is OLE automation?
What is OLE Activation style property?
What is call form stack?
What is a visual attribute?
Difference between VAT and Property Class.
Explain each trigger related to mouse.
What is Current record attribute property?
What are the types of windows (Window style)?
Explain the use of decode function
How to dynamically change the page size of D2K reports?
How to convert the oracle reports to excel sheet from oracle?
How to avoid duplicate entries in the forms?
Explain the benefits and uses Lexical parameter.
Explain the use of DDE package in D2K.
Explain the different types of queries created in reports?
Difference between Lexical and Bind varible.
Difference between bind parameter and lexical parameter.
What is confine mode and flex mode?
What is trigger?
What are summary column and placeholder column in reports?
Explain how to convert a report into excel sheet.
What is the Placeholder Column?
What is the Format Trigger?
What is the Page Protect in Reports?
Explain the method to debug errors in an oracle application.
How will you run ms_batch file in forms?
Why do we need object libraries?
What do you understand by Format trigger?
What do you understand by anchoring in reports?
Explain the difference between repeating frame and frame.
What is the sequence of firing in form level trigger?
What is the sequence of firing in report trigger?
Explain the various types of canvas in form.
What is bind variables in oracle reports?

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