What is configure command and recovery catalog?

What is recovery catalog and configure command?

Recovery catalog:

- A recovery catalog is a schema stored in a database. It tracks backups and stores scripts for use in RMAN backup and recovery situations.

- A set of Oracle tables and views used by RMAN to store RMAN repository information about one or more Oracle databases.

- RMAN uses this metadata to manage the backup, restore, and recovery of Oracle databases.

- Use of it is optional unless you use RMAN in a Data Guard environment, in which case it is required.

- The primary storage for RMAN repository information for a database is always in the control file of the database.

- It is periodically updated with RMAN repository data from the control file.

- In the event of the loss of your control file, it provides most or all of the lost metadata required for restore and recovery of your database.

- The recovery catalog can also store records of archival backups and RMAN stored scripts for use with target databases.

Configure command:

- Configure command used in RMAN,is used to configure the parameters for the RMAN database.

- It is used while making backups and recoveries.

- The CONFIGURE command is used to create or change a persistent configuration affecting RMAN backup, restore, duplication, and maintenance jobs on a particular database.

- A configuration is in effect for any RMAN session on this database until the configuration is explicitly cleared or changed.

- The SHOW command can be used to display the configurations for one or more databases.
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