What are roles? How can we implement roles?

What are roles? How can we implement roles?

Roles in oracle restrict access to the different database objects. They are most useful when there are many database users. Once a role is created it can be granted to a user.


Create a role:-
Create role select_data;
Grant select on student. Employee, salary to select_data

Grant to a user:
Grant select_data TO John;

Revoke a role:-
Revoke select_date FROM John;

What are roles? How can we implement roles?

A role is a set or group of privileges that can be granted to users or another role.

Following examples illustrate the way to create them:
CREATE ROLE role_user1;

This example simply creates a role called test_role.
CREATE ROLE role_user2

This example creates the same role and has an associated password with it.
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