What is SQL Loader? Explain the files used by SQL Loader to load file

What is SQL Loader? Explain the files used by SQL Loader to load file.

SQL*Loader is a bulk loader utility used for moving data from external files into the Oracle database. SQL*Loader supports various load formats, selective loading, and multi-table loads.

When a control file is fed to an SQL*Loader, it writes messages to the log file, bad rows to the bad file and discarded rows to the discard file.

Control file :
The SQL*Loader control file contains information that describes how the data will be loaded. It contains the table name, column datatypes, field delimiters, etc.
controlfile.sql should be used to generate an accurate control file for a given table.

Log File :
The log file contains information about the SQL*loader execution. It should be viewed after each SQL*Loader job is complete
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