List out advantages of Views

List out advantages of Views.

- Complex queries that need to be executed often can be saved in a view. Hence by calling the view name, query can be executed.

- View is extremely useful when query uses multiple tables. If tables are changed, only the view definition needs to be changed and not the code where view is used.

- Views are usually virtual and occupy no space.

- They prevent undesired access by providing security as the data that is not of interest to a user can be left out of the view.

- Display different data for different types of users.

List out advantages of Views.

- Using Views, user’s access to the entire content of table can be restricted by allowing accessing only Views with only required columns of the table.
- Views eliminate the need to write the complex query.
- Data integrity is maintained if data is entered or accessed through a view
List out the guidelines to create a View
The view’s column names are same as the table’s column name. New column names has to be explicitly listed in the CREATE View......
What is synonym and how do we create synonym?
Table references can be complicated. So oracle allows you create synonym for a complicated reference. It renames a table reference......
What is the purpose of Synonym in oracle?
Synonym provide alias name for a table. Synonym hides name of the table..
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