20 pascal interview questions and answers


Pascal interview questions and answers

1. What are the data types included in Pascal?
2.What are sub-range types and sub-types in Pascal language?
3.What are the different pointer types used in Pascal?
4.What is the control structure used by Pascal?
5.What are the procedures and functions used in Pascals?
6.Why are semicolons as statement separators used in Pascal?
7.Why Pascal is used without extensions?
8.What are the features that make Pascal a good language in modern programming?
9.What are the differences between standard Pascal and modern Pascal?
10.What are the REPORT method for which the portability given in Pascal?
11.What are the changes being made in P-machine Pascal?
12.What is the difference between UCSD Pascal and the standard Pascal?
13.What is the difference between Turbo and standard Pascal?
14.What are the insecurities involved with the Pascal?
15.What is the procedure to perform string operations in Pascal?
16.Why do standard strings take less space when used in the program? - PASCAL
17.Write a program to initialize large number of strings? - PASCAL
18.How can variable length strings be used in Pascal?
19.What is the procedure to find an enumerated value from an integer? - PASCAL
20.What are the ways in which the table of constants can be created? - PASCAL

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