Disadvantages of COCOMO estimating model - Project management (PMP)

Disadvantages of COCOMO estimating model.


a. COCOMO model ignores requirements and all documentation.
b. It ignores customer skills, cooperation, knowledge and other parameters.
c. It oversimplifies the impact of safety/security aspects.
d. It ignores hardware issues
e. It ignores personnel turnover levels
f. It is dependent on the amount of time spent in each phase.
SLIM estimating model - Project management (PMP)
SLIM also uses historical data from past projects for estimation. It also uses and considers other project parameters...
Advantages of SLIM estimating model - Project management (PMP)
Advantages: a. It provides a set of software development management tools that support the entire program lifecycle.......
Disadvantages of SLIM estimating model - Project management (PMP)
Disadvantages: a. Works best on large projects. b. The software size needs ot be estimated in advance in order to use this model....
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