Why do we need Work Breakdown Structure, WBS? - Project management (PMP)

Why do we need work breakdown structure, WBS?

WBS identifies all the work that is to be performed for a product. It clearly identifies the entire scope. It tells what is in and what is out. It provides the strong platform for all the cost and time estimations.
Steps to build a work breakdown structure, WBS - Project management (PMP)
Steps: a. Create a list of major activities or deliverables. b. Arrange them in order....
Approaches in constructing a Work Breakdown Structure, WBS - Project management (PMP)
Various approaches for creating a WBS: Major Deliverables and sub projects: One could use the major deliverables as the first level of decomposition to begin with......
Explain why the sizing of software is important as an estimating technique -Project management (PMP
Software estimation is needed at a very early stage and thus estimation using software size is a formidable task.....
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