Explain various personality type models - Project management (PMP)

Explain various personality type models.

Some of the personality type models are:

The four temperaments – aka the four humors: The 4 identified personality types are: Artisan (says what is fact, and does what works), rationalist (says what’s possible and does what works), guardian (says what is fact, and does what’s right), and idealist (says what’s possible and does what’s right). Based on these traits different team members are appointed to solve different situations in a project.

Carl jung’s psychological types: Carl jung suggested 4 main functions: Thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. He also suggested a big difference between extroverts and introverts. He thus mixed his researches to categorize 16 personality types:

Extraverted Thinking Sensation - ET(S), Extraverted Thinking Intuition - ET(N), Extraverted Feeling Sensation - EF(S), Extraverted Feeling Intuition - EF(N), Extraverted Sensation Thinking - ES(T), Extraverted Sensation Feeling - ES(F), Extraverted Intuition Thinking - EN(T), Extraverted Intuition Feeling - EN(F), Introverted Thinking Sensation - IT(S), Introverted Thinking Intuition - IT(N), Introverted Feeling Sensation - IF(S), Introverted Feeling Intuition - IF(N), Introverted Sensation Thinking - IS(T), Introverted Sensation Feeling - IS(F), Introverted Intuition Thinking - IN(T), Introverted Intuition Feeling - IN(F).

Myers briggs type indicator: Uses a 4 scale structure for identifying and categorizing a person’s behavior preferences, and carl jung’s model. He added another dimension to jung’s rational/irrational categories i.e. Judging-perceiving.

DISC basic personality types model: Identifies 4 major personality types: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

Belbin team roles: Identified personality types as various team roles: Coordinator, Shaper, Plant, Monitor-evaluator, Implementer, Resource investigator, Team worker, Completer-finisher, Specialist.
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