Phases of Team development - Project management (PMP)

Describe the phases of team development.

The 4 stages of team building are:

Forming: Team members are told what is expected out of them and where do they fit in the team. The team is guided using operating guidelines, and communication within.

Storming: During this phase team members show some resistance and frustrations trying to work together. There would be jealousies and ego clashes and the team manager must act as a referee or a coach.

Norming: In this phase the team has learnt to function as a whole. Team members find their consistent ways of working and hold their ideas back to avoid problems and conflicts. The team manager guides the team to not hold themselves back by increasing responsibilities and pressures.

Performing: In this phase the team has learnt to perform their role as whole, have and resolve conflicts, take risks, make adjustments or compromises, and perform actively to face various challenges.
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