Project management skills - Project management (PMP)

Describe the project management skills.

Project management skills:

Creating a WBS: The work breakdown structure details various smaller units that need to be performed for the completion of a project.

Estimating project cost: The project manager must estimate and monitor the cost of the project throughout the project lifecycle.

Project scheduling: The project manager must be able to plan and monitor the schedule of the project and keep up to it by varying various scopes of various tasks.

Project reporting: The project manager is responsible for keeping track of the project. He/she must get reports from various teams and summarize it before reporting it to the management throughout consistently.

Analysis: The project manager must be competent enough to know and apply various strategies to ensure that the project is running as per schedule and under budget using various analyses techniques such as SWOT, Smart goals, PEST analysis.

Communication: The project manager must establish a communication channel for all the members of the project.

Leadership and team building: The project manager is responsible to lead, motivate and guide the team towards project completion.

Negotiation: The project manager must be able to negotiate various scope activities.

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