Tailored software development life cycle model - Project management (PMP)

Describe tailored software development life cycle model.

There is no specific SDLC model that can be used for all types of projects and situations. If none of the popular SDLC models suit for a specific project then, pick the closest matching SDLC model and modify it as per needs. Identify how important is risk assessment and use spiral’s risk assessment methodology if it’s a risk critical project. Project should be delivered in small chunks, ideally merging the incremental model with V-shaped model. One must spend ample time in choosing the right model or customizing one to suit a project for its successful and efficient completion.
Importance of selecting team members with a mix of personality types for software development - Project management (PMP)
Choose or building the right team is vital for the success of any project. A project needs a variety of skills and qualities which are not present in any individual....
Explain various personality type models - Project management (PMP)
The four temperaments – aka the four humors, Carl jung’s psychological types, Myers briggs type indicator, Belbin team roles....
Phases of Team development - Project management (PMP)
The 4 stages of team building are: Forming: Team members are told what is expected out of them and where do they fit in the team. The team is guided using operating guidelines, and communication within.......
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