Importance of selecting team members with a mix of personality types for software development - Project management (PMP)

Describe the importance of selecting team members with a mix of personality types for software development.

Choose or building the right team is vital for the success of any project. A project needs a variety of skills and qualities which are not present in any individual. However, as a workaround, a team should be built of people with a variety of skill sets to fulfill the project need. The main advantage of choosing team members with a mix of personality types is that it provides a wider range of views towards a project or any specific action item in the project, e.g. : requirements, design, development, testing or even implementation. Different views allow for a broader angle to a problem and solution minimizing the risk of missing requirements or misunderstanding them.

Some of the personality traits that are essential to any project are:

a) Aggressive go getter, contrary, a calm patient and more laid back personality
b) Risk taker, contrary, a cautious personality
c) Strategic, contrary, analytical personality
d) Lateral thinking

Different situations in a project are handled better by different personality types and hence a perfect blend/mix of personality types is essential for the project to complete successfully.
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