Explain when to use the V-Shaped model - Project management (PMP)

Explain when to use the V-Shaped model.

The V-shaped model should be used for small to medium sized projects where requirements are clearly defined and fixed. The model accommodates more planning for test than waterfall but makes accommodation of changes harder than other models. The V-Shaped model should be chosen when ample technical resources are available with needed technical expertise. Since, no prototypes are produced, there is a very high risk involved in meeting customer expectations, therefore, confidence of customer should be very high in order for choosing the V-Shaped model approach.
Describe prototype software development life cycle model - Project management (PMP)
Prototype SDLC models is based upon creation of a software prototype of the complete system....
Phases in the Prototype model - Project management (PMP)
Phases in prototype model: Identify some requirements to begin with: Get a list of some major requirements which define the need for the new system including the main input output information...
Strengths of the Prototype model - Project management (PMP)
Strengths of prototype model are: a) Gains customer’s confidence as developers and customers are in sync with each other’s expectations continuously....
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