What is row level security?

What is row level security? What are the different ways to design row level security?

Row level security is also known as Data Permission Security. It determines the access given to a user for all/specific set of rows through any PeopleSoft component which can be delivered or custom. For a row, access to all the fields is given.

Row level security restricts user’s access to a subset of rows based on the value within a field in the record. That field could be department, job location, job company, job salary grade etc. There are certain PeopleSoft delivered security sets and access types which can be used as a basis of restriction. For e.g., restrict access for a user (using Job data component) to all the employees having a value of ‘SALES’ for the department field in the current effective dated job row.

How is field level security controlled in PeopleSoft?

There is no delivered security for field level, i.e. no configurable control exists for field-level access for a user. If there is a requirement of field level security, then it has to be done at the level of PeopleCode, i.e. programmatically.
How do we assign row level security to users?
The steps to assign row level security are: i) Assign desired values of fields (department/ job location/ job company/ business unit etc) to Data Permission Lists...
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