SQL Server 2008 supports two types of compression. Which are they?

- Row level and column level
- Row level and page level

CORRECT ANSWER : Row level and page level

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Types of Compression

There are two types of compression:
1. Row Level Compression
2. Page Level Compression

1. Row Level Compression: Row level compression is one of the type where there is no compression algorithm is used. The main aim of row level compression is to make fixed data types to a variable data type thereby reducing the size. This type of compression will remove any extra bytes in the fixed data type. One main consideration in this type of compression is that, data schema and data distribution directly plays an important role with respect to compression ratio.

2. Page Level Compression: Page level compression type can give more compression ratio compared to Row level. Page compression uses dictionary based compression algorithm to attain more compression ratio. The main aim of page level compression is to reduce column redundancy in one or more rows in a data page.

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plz give me runtime souliation this question

i do real time pratice .but i have not recvied output plz send me souliation

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