____________ allow primitive data types to be accessed as objects

- Both b and d
- Serialized class
- Primitive class
- Wrapper classes

CORRECT ANSWER : Wrapper classes

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Wrapper classes

Wrapper classes are used to allow the access of primitive data types by wrapping itself around the data type. Whenever it is required that a data type required as an object then wrapper classes are used. It includes the methods to unwrap the object and provide the conditional procedures to the data type. For example:

A chocolate:

The manufacturer wraps the chocolate with some foil or paper to prevent from pollution. The user takes the chocolate, removes and throws the wrapper and eats it.

The coding it can be denoted as:

int k = 100;
Integer it1 = new Integer(k);

The int data type k is converted into an object, it1 using Integer class. The it1 object can be used in Java programming wherever k is required an object.

Rohit Sharma 08-7-2014 08:42 AM

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