JDBC facilitates to store the Java objects by using which of the methods of PreparedStatement 1. setObject () 2. setBlob() 3. setClob()

- 1, 2
- 1,2,3
- 1,3
- 2,3


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Prepared Statements

PreparedStatement object are used for the ease of calling the methods or for sending SQL statements to the database. It is a special type of statement derived from the more general class, Statement. It reduces the execution time when a statement object needs to be executed many times. JDBC uses methods like:

1) setobject() - The setObject( ) method can insert Java object types into the database, provided that those objects can be converted to standard SQL types.
2) setBlob()
3) setClob()

to store the java objects. PreparedStatement object contains not just a SQL statement, but a precompiled SQL statement.

Rohit Sharma 09-11-2014 05:11 PM

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