20 ruby on rails interview questions and answers


Ruby on rails interview questions and answers

1. What does ruby name refer to? - Ruby on Rails
2.What is the difference between Symbol and String? - Ruby on Rails
3.What does Session and Cookies represent in Ruby on Rails?
4.Write a program to show the functionality of request.xhr in Ruby on Rails.
5.What is the role of MVC architecture in Ruby on Rails?
6.What are the components defined in the model from MVC architecture? - Ruby on Rails
7.What is the function of ORM in Ruby on Rails?
8.What are the different types of association relationships that exist? - Ruby on Rails
9.What is the difference between render and redirect? - Ruby on Rails
10.What is the difference between Static and Dynamic Scaffolding? - Ruby on Rails
11.Write a program to generate and run the application without the use of database - Ruby on Rails
12.Write a program to show the usage of sql in the database file? - Ruby on Rails
13.What is the main function of helpers used in Ruby on Rails?
14.What are the different components of Rails? - Ruby on Rails
15.What is the directory structure of Rails? - Ruby on Rails
16.What are the functions performed by Rails migration? - Ruby on Rails
17.What is the use of $ in Ruby?
18.What are the steps involved in writing and setting up an application in Ruby on Rails?
19.What is the function of garbage collection in Ruby on Rails?
20.What is the purpose of load, auto_load, and require_relative in Ruby?

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