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Interviewer: Tell us something about yourself

Candidate: Sir, as you know, my name is Mohan. My father Mr. XYZ works as senior manager for Company 1 and my mother is a house maker. I have completed my BE – Electronics and Communication with 72% marks from Mumbai University. I have been a part of the team representing the college in various state level paper presentation competitions.

Interviewer: So, have you won any accolades for your college from these competitions?

Candidate: Yes, I have been the winner of the two competitions I participated in during my last year of engineering.

Interviewer : Fantastic. This sounds interesting to me.

Interviewer: Ok. Why have you applied for this particular job?

Candidate : Sir, this position requires someone who has an academic background in electronics and communication, has the confidence to face the clients and possesses good communication skills. I believe, I have all the desired skills and hence I think, I am a good fit for this position.

Interviewer: But you don’t seem to have any experience in developing presentations which is required for this position.

Candidate: Sir, I agree that I do not have any working experience on developing presentations but I am quite creative, have good analytical and writing skills. I am quite comfortable with working on power point. Apart from these, I am a very quick learner.

I am sure, with a little guidance from my seniors I will pick up this skill very quickly.

Interviewer: Hmmm….well, we usually impart training to new employees to fit into our work culture. I can think over it.

Interviewer: Can you tell me your two weaknesses?

Candidate: Sir, I have been staying in a hostel for last 4 years but I have not yet been able to develop an interest in cooking.

Secondly, my friends often accuse me of being too punctual and disciplined but I believe that time is money and you must respect it. Also, I like to finish all my work on time as I believe that any incomplete assignment drains your energy and finished task gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

Interviewer: Interesting!

Interviewer: Ok, can you tell me your two strengths now?

Candidate : Sir, my biggest strength is the ability to listen to people patiently before I give them any advice related to their problems.

Secondly, I have a “can-do” attitude. For anything that needs to be done, I believe, it might be difficult but it is possible and I manage to find my way out.

Interviewer (Thinking to himself): These are the qualities I need in the person I would like to hire for this position.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Candidate: 5 years from now, I would like to grow to a level where my company treats me as its asset and can rely on me for making some important decisions for it.

Interviewer: Are you comfortable working in a team?

Candidate : Yes, pretty comfortable!

Interviewer: What is your expected salary?

Candidate: Sir, what is the salary that the company offers to the fresh graduates?

Interviewer: For this position, we are pretty open. It depends on the type of candidate we finalize. What is your expectation?

Candidate: Something in mid- twenties.

Interviewer : OK.

Interviewer: What will you do if you are offered a job with higher salary?

Candidate : Sir, I know the attraction of money but I am just going to begin my career where learning and growing is extremely important. So, if I am offered a job with higher salary, I’ll compare the learning and growth opportunities at two places and discuss with my senior. If I see that I have the prospects of growing in this company itself, I will continue with the same job.

Interviewer : Great!

Interviewer: Would you like to ask us some questions?

Candidate : Sir, I read some days back in the newspaper about the new product your company has launched. Which segment does it target? Also, if I am hired for this position, what will be my growth path here?

Interviewer answers the questions. He is pretty impressed with the candidate and tells him that he will get back to him with his decision day after tomorrow when he has seen all the candidates.

The candidate gets up, shakes hand with the interviewer, says thank you and leaves the interview room confidently.
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