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Legal CV - Sample 1

John morrison
Address: 53, Babyface, Whillman Hill.
E-mail: john**
Cell: +222-99********
Career Objective
Seeking a position in the corporate firm to, provide organization with my expertise and balanced skills in legal recruitment. I am having 3+ years of experience in the field of Legal recruitment and looking forward to assist the organization in recruiting good individuals who will be able to solve and provide solutions to complex problems.
Career Summary
  • 3+ years of professional experience in dealing with recruiters all over the world.
  • Developed strong interpersonal skills to deal with clients and other professional members.
  • Maintain an overall respectful stature in the society.
  • One of the bright student in college and won many co-curricular awards.
  • Notary Public and CPR certified.
Computer Skills
  • Worked on Epson, Multimate and WANG word processor.
  • Have good typing skills- more than 65 wpm.
  • Have good command over MS word and excel.
January 2009 Legal Company, India to present Senior Associate, Legal Recruiter
  • Dealing with recruitment, with proper skill and experience by, giving the advice to the organization, regarding the problems faced by them.
  • Maintaining 2 junior lawyers to seek advices from the parterns and create a report on the ongoing processes with other clients.
  • Responsible for bringing revenue for the firm by solving their legal problems and providing solutions whenever, necessary.
  • Presenting a seminar on Legal Trade practices issues.
  • Winning over a new corporate client by providing the organization with substantial billings.
  • Awarded as the most valuable professional employee in the firm from 2006 to 2009.
Academic Qualification
  • Graduate certificate in Legal practices from Indiana in 2009 with 76%.
  • Bachelor of Law (Honours) from Indian University in 2006 with 85%.
Key Skills and Strengths
  • Good communication- written and oral skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Multi-tasking and excellent time management.
  • Good judgement towards dramatic situations.
Personal Details
Date of Birth: 16th July, 19**.
Languages known: English, Hindi.
Hobbies: Playing guitar, reading novels.

Legal CV - Sample 2

Nanvi Joshi
Address:53, Mumbai, India.
E-mail: nan***
Cell: +91-99********
Career Objective
Seeking, position as a fresher in an organization to, provide them with my expertise and balanced skills. Looking forward to assist the organization by using the creative skills and research oriented approach to solve complex problems.
  • Certified in Legal Business Administration.
Academic Qualification
  • LLB in corporate Law from Indiana in 2009 with 76%.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Law (Honours) from Indian University in 2006 with 85%.
  • Diploma in communication from May university in 2007 with 75%.
Computer Skills
  • Knowledge in Quark.
  • Having good command over Windows 95/98/2000/XP.
  • Have good typing skills- more than 75 wpm.
  • Have good command over MS word, excel and power-point.
  • Power-point, learned to create professional presentation.
  • Quark, learned to create page layout, design and publish professional builds.
  • Learned the use of Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet application provided by the IBM.
  • Won legal icon of the year award.
  • Presented a seminar on Legal corporate law practices, issues and its solutions in Geneva conference.
  • Awarded as the most professional student in the college.
Skills and Strengths
  • Excellent Decision making.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Better organizing and planning.
  • Patience.
  • Tolerant.
Personal Details
Date of Birth: 25th Sept., 19**.
Languages known: English.
Hobbies: Playing flute, solving puzzles.

Legal CV - Sample 3

Manvi Joshi
Address: 205, Andheri Block, Mumbai
Cell: +91-99********
Career Objective
Legal advisor, with 4+ experiences in the field of legal advising seeking a position as a lawyer in an organization. Seeking to, make an impact from my experience and complex problem solving skill in the industry and people around it to benefit the organization.
Professional Experience
2007-2008: Senior Lawyer at Mother Teresa cooperation
  • Assisting senior lawyer in solving their cases and helping them in their research of lawsuits.
  • Assisting seniors to solve the cases that are brought against them.
  • Filing of the court case paper work and handling them in order.
  • Organizing workshops in teaching students and others.
2002-2006: Junior Lawyer at Mother Teresa cooperation
  • Representing client in litigation and advising on legal aspects.
  • Assisting the counsel in the cases brought by the company.
  • Researching on different lawsuits and presenting them in front of the company.
  • ACLA
  • Victorian Law Institute
  • First lawyer in college to represent the company as an assistant counsel in court.
  • Managed to provide successful corporate conferences and workshops on dealing with legal activities.
  • Worked as an editor to document and analyze the lawsuits that is filed against us.
Academic Qualification
  • LLB as Legal advisor from Indiana in 2009 with 76%.
  • A.A. Business Administration from Indian University in 2006 with 85%.
  • Diploma in legal advisory from Myist university in 2007 with 75%.
Personal Details
Date of Birth: 16th July, 19**
Languages known: English, Mandarin
Hobbies: Playing sudoku, piano
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Sample legal CV
Rajesh Nair
Email -
Mobile No.-
Location -

Seeking assignment as Sr. Manager -Corporate & Legal Affairs with an organisation of repute


Legal Affairs

-Drafting, vetting, standardizing various legal and administrative instruments like License Agreement, Agency Agreement, Vendors Contract, Outsourcing Contract, Guarantees, MOU’s, Technology

Assistance Agreements, Engineering Services Agreements, NDAs, Lease Agreements, Business Transfer Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements.
-Handled 4 International Joint Ventures (of world’s renowned auto sector enterprises) end to end including complete agreements drafting and execution.
-Drafting of agreements for property transaction like LOI, Bid document, Works contract, Loan Agreements, Hypothecation Documents, Lease Deed, Deed of Assignment & Development Agreements.
-Vetting various suits (e.g. Recovery Suit, Summary Suit and Suit for Injunction) and handling complaints (like U/S 138 of Negotiable Instrument act) and drafting written statement and

replying to the same.
-Ensuring Regulatory compliance with Corporate Laws, Labour laws and Legal Due Diligence of various departments of group Companies.
-Coordinating with the advocates, briefing senior Counsel in respect to legal cases by and against the company.
-Managing incorporation issues including registration of branches of foreign companies in India.
-International Arbitrations (ICC), Mergers, Amalgamations etc.

Liaison Functions

-Coordinating statutory compliance in relation to the Companies Act, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Regulations, Stock Exchange Listing Agreement, Prevention of Insider Trading

and implementing Code of Conduct in the Company.
-Liasoning with authorities like ROC, RD, SEBI, CLB, Stock exchange, Financial Institutions, RBI and Banks.
-Negotiating, structuring and documenting contracts and various commercial transactions.
-Handling fulfillment of all requisite formalities for overdraft facilities, bank guarantee, loans, etc. and preparing papers / documents for effective funding.



The Attainments
-Labour and Industrial Laws Compliance Audit.
-Custodian of all regulatory and statutory compliance of the organization.
-Looking after complete Legal and Secretarial Affairs
-Defending the Company against various claims/cases/suits.


The Attainments

-Joint Venture and related Issues end to end handling of all matters pertaining to JV. Handled Three International JVs Completely from Agreement drafting, vetting, negotiation to execution.

Successfully handled three biggest joint international JVs in the auto sector with German and Japanese counterparts.
-Labour and Industrial Laws Compliance Audit of all plants of Hero Motors Limited.
-Handled the IR issues of the group companies in the state of U.P, Maharashtra, Haryana and Gujarat.
-Looking after complete Legal and Secretarial Affairs of Group Companies
-Overseas subsidiaries incorporation in Germany, Neitherland, Japan, Singapore, USA and Taiwan
-Drafting and Standardization of Legal Agreements (TAA, ESA, JVA, CSA, NDA, Supply Agreements, Lease Agreements, Leave & License Agreements, Purchase Agreements, Contract Labour Agreements,

Service Contracts, Consultancy Agreements, Employment Contracts, BTA and other day to day contracts)
-Merger through High Court of Delhi.
-Due Diligence and related matters for the acquisition of various National and International Companies.
-Ensured timely Compliance of various provisions of Companies Act, FEMA Regulations, SEBI Guidelines, RBI Compliance and other applicable laws.
-Central Government Approvals related to Sec. 297, 212, 269 etc.
-Organized, managed and handled various EGMs, AGMs, BMs and various Committee meetings of group Companies in a highly systematic and standardized manner.
-Looking after complete statutory and regulatory compliance of the Company including Compliance Audit and Compliance review mechanism.
-Acquisition of two big German (Auto) companies.



Personal details

Date of birth -
Hobbies -
Language known -
Address -
Sample legal CV 10-15-2012
Sample legal CV
Raj Ghai
Email -
Mobile No.-
Location -

Objective: To work in a competitive and professional organization with honesty, loyalty and integrity. To achieve excellence in Corporate–Legal through consistent and sincere efforts.




August 2007 – Till date
ABC Ltd. as Manager in Legal – H.O.

Job Responsibilities Involved:

-To look after all the Legal cases filed against our Co. for all over India and Compliance issues.
-Drafting and vetting MOU, Contracts, Plaints, Written Statements, and Representation to different Govt. Bodies etc.
-Monitoring – Controlling and Providing Guidance to all branch legal people.
-To handle all the criminal matters for all over the branches and to protect our employees from all sort of criminal matters filed by customers & others.
-Time to time visiting branch offices to resolve critical matter / contract.
-Visiting, holding meeting and managing different Govt Authorities like Police, CBI, CID etc
-Responsible for handling Compliance like RBI issues – Economics offences wings, CBI, CID etc , co-ordination with internal and External Audit team.
-Responsible for filling 156(3) Crpc in critical cases.
-Co-ordinate and providing guideline to other legal dept like 138 NI Act. , Arbitration how to proceed in critical matters.
-Prepare / Maintaining MIS and forwarding Report (due diligence, Corporate Governance etc) to Management.

June 2006 – July 2007
CAB as Asst. Manager in Retail-ARD Dept. (internal) for Eastern Region.

Job Responsibilities Involved:

-Responsible for Recovery/Collection from all NPA A/Cs of CV, CE, Personal Loan, Auto Loan, Mortgage, Securitisation etc. through legal initiation.
-Loss Recovery in commercial vehicle/equipment and Auto loan through Legal initiation.
-Responsible for entire legal proceedings like 138(b) cases, Police complaint, 156(3), Securitisation, Arbitration, Injunction, Attachment/sale of Property and DRT.
-Managing a Legal Team and providing legal support to Recovery team and counseling Critical and High value customers.

May 2005 – May 2006
XYZ Ltd. as an Executive in Legal Dept, reporting to Assistant Manager (Legal-Eastern Region).

Job Responsibilities Involved:

-Looking after the recovery through initiating legal proceedings like 138 cases, 156(3) cases, Money Suit, injunction cases and Arbitration proceedings etc.
-Handling cases filed against the company like injunction, T.S., Writ, MACC, Consumer Forum etc…
-Co-ordination with the police Authorities for investigation u/s 156(3) of Crpc.
-Providing timely support and measures to the legal Dept. of Franchisee companies for the initiation of legal proceedings on our behalf and to defend the cases filed against us.
-Drafting of legal notices, MOUs, Contracts, Agreement, and Plaint etc.
-Formulation of proper strategy for the initiation of legal proceedings and implementation of the same after receiving instruction from Collection Department.
-Maintenance of MIS of all legal cases.



Computer Knowledge:


Personal details

Date of birth -
Hobbies -
Language known -
Address -
Sample legal CV 10-15-2012