Declarative Management Framework (DMF) - Sql server 2008

Explain Declarative Management Framework (DMF) in SQL Server 2008

Declarative Management Framework is a system for managing the instances of SQL Server 2008. It is a policy based system. The database security can be tighten with polity management, automated administration and explicit administration. A policy can be designed for prohibiting the usage of unauthorized applications and the naming conventions on the database are implied for developers.

Various tasks are planned by many DBAs and backing up databases, reviewing events logs, scanning for improper / unauthorized object creations, long running query SPIDs killing are being performed. Lot of tactical and reactionary items on the list of tasks can keep the conscientious DBA busy.

SQL Server will enforce to define the policies by using Management Studio and select certain servers for enforcing the policy. These can be monitored from SSMS, which acts as a central console.
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