Define SQL Server. Define Database

Define SQL Server. Define Database.

SQL server is an RDBMS that uses Transact-SQL to interact with the client application. It includes database, database engine and the application that are used to manage data. Data is organizes into a table with rows and columns.

Define Database.

A database stores data and it is just like a data file. Database systems are more powerful than data files because the data is more highly organized. In a well-designed database, there is no scope for duplicate pieces of data. Related pieces of data are grouped together in a single structure or record.
What is denormalization?
Denormalization is the reverse process of normalization. It is controlled introduction of redundancy to the database design......
How do you implement one-to-one in SQL Server?
One to one is implemented using single table by establishing relationship......
How do you implement one-to-many in SQL Server?<
Implemented using two tables with primary key and foreign key relationships......
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