What is Struts? Explain its advantages - struts and ajax

What is Struts? Explain its advantages.

- Struts is open framework for building flexible, business oriented, high performance java web applications.

- Using struts framework the developers can implement the MVC pattern without separation of the designated three components.

Advantages :

- Separation of presentation logic from business logic.

- For the changing from one database to another database, we need to change only action class.

- Easy to modify or debug the code developed by the designer.

- Automatic, locale specific population of request parameters.
Ways Struts allow to validate user input - struts and ajax
The following are the different ways that struts allow the user input validation - Validators, Resource bundle, XML configuration file, JSP tag, ValidatorForm, ValidatorActionForm...
Struts validation and Ajax validation - struts and ajax
Ajax Validations, Validators, Resource bundle, XML configuration file, JSP tagValidatorForm, ValidatorActionForm...
Ajax integrates very well easily with Struts - struts and ajax
Ajax integrates with struts. With the help of sending the request to the specific URL, an AJAX request can call any struts action...
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