Making the training effective

How would you ensure that the training is effective for an employee within the company?

The training is effective in all means if it:

- Imparts new skills
- Inculcates new ideas, knowledge and concepts
- Is practical oriented
- Not an information dump
- Aligns the training needs to fulfill the organizational short and long term goals
- Conducts the post evaluation to ensure the satisfaction levels to refine the future training needs
Different methods in training employees - training and development
There are different training methods like on –the – job techniques, off-the-job techniques, role playing..........
Issues in the design, conduct, and evaluation of training programs
The following are the key issues to be addressed for a successful training program: Place (indoor/outdoor), Audio visual aids.........
What is the role of a trainer in a company? - training and development
The role of a trainer is to develop a competency and skill sets in an individual to perform his/her effectively and efficiently in the work place...........
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