20 telecommunications interview questions and answers


Telecommunications interview questions and answers

1. Differentiate between GSM and CDMA - Telecommunications
2.What is the need of CPG message in ISUP protocol? - Telecommunications
3.What is protocol testing? What types of tool used in telecom testing? - Telecommunications
4.What is MTU? - Telecommunications
5.What is bridging? - Telecommunications
6.What is SS7? - Telecommunications
7.What is broadband? - Telecommunications
8.What is Impulse Response? - Telecommunications
9.Explain about Infinite Impulse Response. - Telecommunications
10.Explain about Common-Mode Rejection Ration. - Telecommunications
11.Describe about Asynchronous Transmission. - Telecommunications
12.Describe Synchronous Transmission. - Telecommunications
13.Explain about Voice Over Internet Protocol. - Telecommunications
14.What equipment is needed for VOIP? - Telecommunications
15.What are the advantages of VOIP? - Telecommunications
16.Describe about TTCN-3. - Telecommunications
17.Describe about RX Lev Full. - Telecommunications
18.What is the functionality of TCSM? - Telecommunications
19.What is Simple Network Management Protocol? - Telecommunications
20.What are the reasons for call drop? - Telecommunications

1. What is ISUP protocol?
2. Why CPG message is required in ISUP protocol?
3. If RF power is good then what is the best Rx and Tx power?
4. What do you mean by TSCM?
5. Which frequency is used in voice sampling?
6. What is SS-7 signaling system?
7. Where memory is allocated for variables in a program?
8. What are various statuses of kernel?
9. What is the maximum decimal place which can be accommodated in a byte?
10. How personal computer can act as terminal?
11. How connection is established in Datagram?
12. What is the time for 1 satellite hop in voice communication?
13. What is the maximum number of satellite hops allowed in voice communication?
14. How many channels a 2MB PCM (pulse code modulation) has?
15. What action is taken when the processor under execution is interrupted by a non-mask able interrupt?
16. How much voltage is required in subscriber loop connected to local exchange?
17. How many T1 facilities the company needs between its office and the PSTN if it has 47 digital telephones, each operating at 64kbps?
18. What is the type of signaling used between two exchanges?
19. Where conditional results after execution of an instruction in a micro processor are stored?
20. What is line of sight?
21. Why can I get the 512k service but not the 1Mb or 8Mb Broadband service?
22. What is Buffering?
23. What is a matrix?
24. What equipment do I need in order to be able to access Broadband?
25. What is a Broadband modem?
26. How can I connect several computers to the Internet with Global Telecom Broadband?
27. What is Broadband?
28. What is the procedure if I want to upgrade my Broadband account to a faster speed?
29. Who can I contact if I continue having problems with my Broadband service?
30. What are the terms and conditions of using Global Telecom Broadband?
31. Explain how the signal is amplified in fiber optic cable?
32. What is BTS?
33. What are its different configurations of BTS and what is the power consumption/peak current for each of these types of BTS?
34. Write very briefly the underlining functional concept of GSM and CDMA?
35. What is Bridging?
36. Difference between Router and Switch.
37. What are the different Types of polling in RLC A.M mode?
38. What information is passed between cell FACH and cell DCH states?
39. Why the main function of BTS is to air interface signaling?
40. What is TTCN-3?
41. What is the difference between Rx Lev Sub and Rx Lev Full? What you mean by Link Budget?
42. Explain different types of digital modulation techniques.
43. What is the maximum Tx configuration for GSM? How it can be managed?
44. What is the functionality of search window in CDMA? What is the difference between Ec/Io and Eb/No?
45. What is Blackberry?
46. Why Rx power in microwave not considered less then -30dn?
47. What is FCC and how does it relate to Bluetooth?
48. How does Bluetooth use frequency hopping for security?
49. What is a Bluetooth dongle?
50. Which Bluetooth version uses adaptive frequency hopping?
51. Which company originally conceived and developed Bluetooth?
52. What is the total number of masters and slaves in a piconet?
53. What is the frequency range used for Bluetooth in Europe and United States?
54. Why is walse code used?
55. Which technology is used in Bluetooth for avoiding interference?
56. What is the difference between Internet and ISDN?
57. What is the frequency range used for Bluetooth in Japan?
58. How many SCO links are there in a piconet?
59. What is FEC in Bluetooth?
60. What is the main difference between GSM & CDMA? Which is the digital modulation used today in telecommunication? (Whatever his question meant the answer was CDMA)?
61. How do you link a T1 from the 1st BTS to 2nd BTS 4?
62. Why can Bluetooth equipment integrate easily in TCP or IP network?
63. What is the difference between Internet and ISDN? Is both are same or is there any specific difference?
64. What is the different between CDU C and CDU A?
65. What is the difference between Diplexer and Duplexer and what position?
66. Explain LTE and GSM internetworking.

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Question About RF Component

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Somebody know the part number for a RF Transisntor (I think a FET) in metal case Marking 15A6EF?? Thanks in advance!!!

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